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What is fuel injection system in diesel engine?

What is fuel injection system in diesel engine?

The fuel injection system lies at the very heart of the diesel engine. By pressurising and injecting the fuel, the system forces it into air that has been compressed to high pressure in the combustion chamber. The diesel fuel injection system consists of: injection nozzle – injects the fuel into the cylinder.

What are the components of diesel injection system?

The low-pressure components include the fuel tank, fuel supply pump and fuel filter. The high-pressure side components include a high pressure pump, accumulator, fuel injector and fuel injector nozzle.

What are the different types of diesel fuel injectors?

The main types of injection systems include pump-line-nozzle, unit injector, and common rail. Modern injection systems reach very high injection pressures, and utilize sophisticated electronic control methods.

What is the injection timing of diesel engine?

Injection timing, also called spill timing, is the moment when diesel fuel enters the cylinder during the combustion phase. When you adjust the timing, you can alter when the engine injects the fuel, therefore changing when combustion occurs.

What is the function of fuel injector in diesel engine?

The job of the injectors is to deliver a precise amount of atomized and pressurized fuel into each cylinder. Highly atomized, pressurized fuel distributed evenly throughout the cylinder results in increased power and fuel economy, decreased engine noise, and smoother operation.

What are the 5 components of a diesel fuel system?

A basic diesel fuel system is made up of five essential components. These are the tank, the fuel transfer pump, filters, the injection pump, and the injection nozzles. The fuel tanks in diesel systems are typically crafted from aluminum alloys or sheet metal.

What are the 3 types of diesel?

Diesel fuels are broken up into 3 different classes: 1D(#1), 2D(#2) and 4D(#4). The difference between these classes depends on viscosity (the property of a fluid that causes a resistance to the fluid’s flow) and pour point (the temperature at which a fluid will flow). #4 fuels tend to be used in low-speed engines.

How do you inspect the injection timing?

You can check the injection timing by measuring the injector pump’s stroke at TDC using a dial indicator.

Which is the PPT of fuel injection system?

1. Prepared By: Upadhyay Ayush. (150123119053) GANDHINAGAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ACTIVE LEARNING ASSIGNMENT ON “Type of Injection System” INTERNAL COMBUTION ENGINE [2161902] MECHANICAL 6 (D3) GUIDED BY:- Prof. HARDIK GOHEL 2. Introduction  Fuel-Injection System is vital to the working and performance of CI engine.

How does fuel injection work in a diesel engine?

Solid injection systems f i. Air Injection System fuel as it enters the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. Fuel is forced into the cylinder by means of compressed air. This multistage air compressor. This causes an increase in engine weight and reduces the brake power output further.

What does PPT stand for in diesel fuel?

Diesel Fuel system.ppt For Later • The diesel engine is a compression ignition (CI) engine. the piston’s compression stroke. The equipment used for injecting operated by hydraulic pressure of fuel. mixture formation in diesel engine (CI). D. After-burning.

How is fuel injected in a CI engine?

Introduction  Fuel-Injection System is vital to the working and performance of CI engine. This system serves the purpose of initiating and controlling the combustion to meet the demand requirements.  Fuel is injected into combustion chamber towards the end of compression.