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What is genetec VMS?

What is genetec VMS?

(“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, was named the world’s number one vendor of Video Management Systems (VMS). “Our independence and single-mindedness have helped us earn the trust of enterprise and government users.

Is genetec proprietary?

Genetec, Inc. Non-Proprietary: This is a term that can apply to a few different aspects of an access control system.

What is omnicast control?

Security Center Omnicast is an IP-based VMS that lets you work smarter with video. With a clear picture of events, you respond quicker and make informed decisions. Omnicast is part of our Genetec™ Security Center platform, making it easy to unify video with access control, intrusion, comms and more.

What should I look for in a VMS?

10 things to consider when shopping for a VMS

  • Adaptability is key. Don’t get stuck just thinking about today.
  • The security platform as the proptech solution.
  • Centralize operations.
  • Go mobile.
  • Get in the cloud.
  • See your entire environment.
  • Step into the future.
  • Protect privacy.

How do I update my Genetec license?


  1. Open the System Management page on GTAP and find your system using the system ID.
  2. On the System Information page, click Upgrade license > OK.
  3. Upgrade your Security Center system.
  4. Generate a new validation key from Server Admin and activate the license on your upgraded system.

What is ClearID?

Genetec ClearID™ is a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that strengthens your security policies while improving the flow of people within your organization. Unified with our access control system, Security Center Synergis™, this cloud-based solution can be quickly and easily deployed.

What does Genetec Security Center Omnicast do for You?

Security Center Omnicast empowers organizations large and small to protect and secure their people, assets, and facilities. Learn more here Genetec Security Center is a unified security platform that helps an organization build a complete picture of its security situation.

Which is the best CCTV software from Genetec?

Genetec Omnicast Enterprise networked CCTV software for up to 100 cameras. Genetec Unveils Stratocast: A New Affordable and Easy-to-Use Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solution on Windows Azure. Genetec Omnicast Standard scalable networked CCTV software. Security Center 5.0 – Genetec’s unified security platform.

Which is security desk client does Genetec use?

Operation and monitoring of all these systems is performed via Security Desk, Genetec’s unified client. This integration allows some operational advantages: cameras could be associated with doors, allowing verification of a subject on live video against their employee photo on file, for example.

Can a security center be fed into Omnicast?

Currently, SC5 video cannot be federated into an Omnicast system, while Omnicast can be federated into SC, as well. Pricing is the same whether users choose to use Omnicast or Security Center for video.