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What is going on with VenturianTale?

What is going on with VenturianTale?

Controversy. On June 19, 2021, Bethany uploaded a 55-minute long video to her Flying Pings channel titled “The Truth About VenturianTale”. She said that Cierra was the first to question these ideologies, and therefore was the first to stop playing with the Venturian crew and had contact cut from her own siblings.

What happened VenturianTale Bethany?

Name. Bethany didn’t have a username when she joined VenturianTale, but before, her username was Bethy218. Her original YouTube username was xXBethanyFyeXx and Bethy218, which have since become inactive. Bethany now has a new channel called Flying Pings, which she created in June 2017.

Is VenturianTale a sibling?

VenturianTale is a YouTube channel in which four siblings play tons of video games. Venturian’s real name is Jordan Frye, Bethany’s is Bethany Frye, Homeless’s is Isaac Frye, and Immortal’s is Cierra Frye.

Is Jordan from VenturianTale married?

Personal Life. Jordan’s wife is Jessica Ott. The couple announced on Twitter and Instagram that they got married on October 29, 2019. As part of their wedding, they posted a couple of vlogs, as well as Q&A sessions on the VenturianTale YouTube channel.

How old is Isaac Frye?

23 years (22 November 1997)
Isaac Frye/Age

How old is Jordan Frye?

30 years (3 February 1991)
Jordan Frye/Age

What happened Cierra Frye?

Cierra Frye, formerly known as CierraSkywalker, is the title of a YouTube channel created by Cierra Frye in 2008. She doesn’t make videos anymore because she is now in VenturianTale, and as of 2021, the videos were deleted.

Who is Jordan Frye?

Jordan Frye is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer. Frye grew up in Ventura, California surfing, skateboarding, and writing songs with his friends. Frye’s music consists of playful acoustic guitars with contrasting wanderlust lyricism drawn from his own personal experiences and stories.

Where does Jordan Frye live now?

Jordan Frye songwriter + producer based in Los Angeles.