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What is IComparable C#?

What is IComparable C#?

C# IComparable interface The IComparable interface defines a generalized type-specific comparison method that a value type or class implements to order or sort its instances. The IComparable is implemented by types whose values can be ordered or sorted. The interface requires the CompareTo method to be implemented.

What is difference between IComparer and IComparable?

IComparable when defined for T lets you compare the current instance with another instance of same type. IComparer is used to compare any two instances of T , typically outside the scope of the instances of T .

What is IComparable in C# with example?

IComparable Interface in C# It provides you with a method of comparing two objects of a particular type. Remember, while implementing the IComparable interface, CompareTo() method should also be implemented. Let us see an example − int IComparable. CompareTo(object ob) { Vehicle v=(Vehicle)ob; return String.

What is Ienumerable IComparable and IComparer interface in C#?

IComparable and IComparer interface is used when a class has a data member as an array of object of any other class. For the ordered data types like numbers or strings, comparison can be done easily. As there can be many different data membersfor the object, comparison of two objects cannot be done directly.

Should override equals C#?

For a value type, you should always override Equals, because tests for equality that rely on reflection offer poor performance. You can also override the default implementation of Equals for reference types to test for value equality instead of reference equality and to define the precise meaning of value equality.

What does CompareTo return in C#?

CompareTo() Method is used to compare the current instance to a specified object or to another Single instance and returns an integer which shows whether the value of the current instance is greater than, equal to, or less than the value of the specified object or the other Single instance.

What is IEqualityComparer C#?

IEqualityComparer is a very important interface for comparer tasks in the LinQ world. The next extended methods have an overload with this parameter type: Contains, Distinct, Except, Intersect, GrouBy, GroupJoin, Join, SecuenceEqual, ToDictionary, ToLookUp and Union.

What is ICollection in C#?

The ICollection interface in C# defines the size, enumerators, and synchronization methods for all nongeneric collections. It is the base interface for classes in the System.

Why do we override equals method in C#?

If two objects have reference equality, then they also have value equality, but value equality does not guarantee reference equality. In the following example, the == operator returns False. Hence, it makes sense to override, the Equals() method to return true when the values across the objects are the same.

What is the difference between equals () and == in C#?

The Equality Operator ( ==) is the comparison operator and the Equals() method compares the contents of a string. The == Operator compares the reference identity while the Equals() method compares only contents. In the first example we assigned a string variable to another variable.

What is the use of CompareTo in C#?

How does CompareTo work in C#?

The Int16. CompareTo() method in C# is used to compare this instance to a specified object or another Int16 instance and returns an integer that indicates whether the value of this instance is less than, equal to, or greater than the value of the specified object or the other Int16 instance.