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What is pharma database?

What is pharma database?

The Pharmaceutical Database is a service aimed at professionals, containing harmonised and up-to-date information about medicines and medicinal substances for the purpose of prescribing and dispensing medicines. The information in the Pharmaceutical Database is compiled from various sources.

What is the meaning of pharmaceutical company?

A pharmaceutical company, or drug company, is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare. They can deal in generic and/or brand medications.

What is pharma industry in India?

The pharmaceutical industry in India, US$40 billion by value, world’s 3rd largest by overall volume and world’s largest as provider of generic medicines globally, with 20% and 3.5% share of total global pharmaceutical exports by volume and value respectively to more than 200 countries and territories in 2021.

Where is data used in the pharmaceutical industry?

First of all, the application of Big Data Analytics in the pharmaceutical industry focuses on the process of drug discovery. The discovery of medicinal drugs is one of the many applications that involve Big Data and the Pharmaceutical field.

Which database uses drug pharmacy?

The FDA drug database includes most of the drugs they have approved in the U.S. since 1939. Additionally, the FDA drug database can be used to search drugs that are currently going through clinical trials and/or the approval process. The Orange Book provides information about drug patent and exclusivity.

Which country has the highest pharmaceutical industry?

Countries With The Biggest Global Pharmaceutical Markets In The World

Rank Country Value of Pharmaceutical Market (in millions of $)
1 USA 339,694
2 Japan 94,025
3 China 86,774
4 Germany 45,828

What does Pharma mean in English?

pharmaceutical company
: a pharmaceutical company also : large pharmaceutical companies as a group.

What does the Greek word Pharma mean?

The word pharmacy is derived from Old French farmacie “substance, such as a food or in the form of a medicine which has a laxative effect” from Medieval Latin pharmacia from Greek pharmakeia (Greek: φαρμακεία) “a medicine”, which itself derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning “drug, poison, spell” (which is …

Which is the best database for pharma companies in India?

Fundoodata provides the database of startup pharma companies in India. To get more information about the companies like key executives’ details, turnover, or number of employees subscribe to Fundoodata paid plans. Delhi is a major hub of the pharma sector. Many well-known pharma companies are headquartered in Delhi.

Which is the largest generic pharmaceutical company in India?

Lupin Ltd. Lupin Limited is a multi national pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the 12th-largest company by market capitalization, and the eighth-largest generic pharmaceutical company by revenue globally.

Which is the best pharma company in Mumbai?

Some of the leading pharma companies in Mumbai are Aarti Drugs Ltd, Abbott India, Ajanta Pharma, Cipla Ltd, Lupin Ltd, Merck, Pfizer, etc. There are many big companies are located in Hyderabad. Aurobindo, Divis, Dr. Reddys, Laurus Labs, Natco Pharma are leading pharma companies in Hyderabad.

Are there any pharmaceutical product patents in India?

In India, there was only process patents and product patents concept came in 2005. Under process patent, Indian pharmaceutical companies can produce a drug molecule by a different process and market it as a brand of their choice hence there are several brands of the same drug molecule available in the market.