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What is Sandy Skoglund known for?

What is Sandy Skoglund known for?

SculptureInstallation art
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What medium did Sandy Skoglund use?

PaintingSculptureInstallation art
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Who influenced Sandy Skoglund?

After having studied painting at the University of Iowa, she moved to New York in 1972, where she started working as a conceptual artist. In 1974, her first work, inspired by the work of the photographer couple Becher, portrays a series of apparently identical houses, but with only one differing detail.

Why does Sandy Skoglund work with food?

Skoglund worked with food items against colorful and patterned backgrounds. It was her means to develop a universal language – without a doubt everyone eats. The intention to use food as a subject was to create a connection with the spectators of her work.

What is the meaning of Revenge of the Goldfish?

This ambiguity has elicited numerous arguments over the meaning of Revenge of the Goldfish. Some interpret the image as a sexual awakening, while others see it as a message about homosexuality or child abuse.

How was Revenge of the Goldfish made?

The goldfish in the piece were sculpted by Skoglund out of terracotta and bring an element of fantasy to an otherwise normal scene. According to Skoglund, “If the fish are eliminated the image shows nothing unusual; just a room with two people in bed.”

How did Sandy Skoglund create Revenge of the Goldfish?

In the late 1970s Sandy Skoglund began arranging scenes of familiar domestic spaces painted in a monochromatic palette. For this work she created a dreamlike atmosphere by filling the set with handmade, larger-than-life sculptures of goldfish and casting a woman and a boy whose relationship is unclear.

What medium is Revenge of the Goldfish?

Skoglund lives and works in New York City where she is represented by Castelli Graphics. Andrea Miller-Keller Curator of MATRIX Page 4 Works in MATRIX: Revenge of the Goldfish, 1981, mixed media installation in- cluding bed, dresser, two chairs and 123 ceramic goldfish, 10′ x 16′ x 16′.