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What is the advantage of a tunnel ram intake?

What is the advantage of a tunnel ram intake?

Tunnel ram intakes have the highest horsepower potential of all the manifold designs. The large, open plenum and straight, equal-length runners are the least restrictive. This means they can flow the most air. Tunnel rams also have a wider operating range than other types of manifolds.

How much HP does a tunnel ram add?

With new cylinder head technology with higher velocity intake ports it’s easy to make 700-800 HP with a single 4 barrel set up. But, with a tunnel ram coupled with these new high speed airflow cylinder heads 800 horsepower + is very achievable.

Are cross ram intakes good?

Available from any Mopar Performance dealer, the cross-ram intake offers good flow, and is relatively low, providing decent hood clearance in most body styles. Once the hood is lifted, the cross-ram also offers the intimidating look of dual-quad carburetion, making it a favorite among gearheads.

Can you run a tunnel ram on the street?

Sure, a Pro Stock sheetmetal tunnel ram with twin 1050cfm Dominators on a 283 Chevy may result in a boggy mess of a motor, but a street type tunnel ram with small carbs tuned correctly will run hard without giving up any bottom end grunt.

Can you run a tunnel ram on a stock 350?

On your stock 350 a tunnelram will not fly. It doesn’t matter what size the carbs are. If you are talking a stock old LT-1 with a solid cam, 11:1 compression and 2.02 heads than maybe a tunnelram with 390’s might fly with a stick and some rear gears.

Are tunnel ram carbs different?

For most high horsepower tunnel ram applications, this is an outstanding choice when it comes to carburetors: Holley’s latest 650 CFM Ultra XP carbs. Yes, they look different with the new hard anodized finish. The real key with these new carburetors is their adjustment capability.

What is a tunnel ram carb?

Tunnel RAM is a distinctive double-carburetor intake system that muscle- and sports-car enthusiasts have long favored to improve performance. The system is an intake manifold that funnels air into the combustion chamber, combining it with fuel for more explosive ignition.

How does tunnel ram work?

Wiktionary describes a tunnel ram as ‘A type of high-performance intake manifold designed to straighten the pathway of fuel/air mixture, speeding the flow to the combustion chamber’. Faster flow means more fuel/oxygen mix rammed into the combustion chamber for a boost in horsepower.

What makes a tunnel ram run so well?

The cylinders of the engine, which feed directly from the plenum, perform best when the fuel and air are evenly mixed and absorbed. Mixing the oxygen in the air in with the fuel allows for quicker oxidation, more explosive ignition and greater energy transfer in the cylinders.

Which is better tunnel ram or dual carburetor?

The dual-carburetor model is calibrated to avoid pooling of fuel within the plenum, which detracts from performance, and is more stable during acceleration and turns. Some tunnel RAM fans choose the system especially for its distinctive look.

Can a tunnel ram manifold be temperamental?

The performance of a tunnel RAM manifold can be temperamental, and it depends on careful and precise installation because the system is more complicated than a single-carburetor system.