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What is the answer to question 26 on the impossible quiz?

What is the answer to question 26 on the impossible quiz?

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, the question and the signs remain the same, but there are only four possible options instead of the original seven: “Germansweek”, “Arsefacey”, “Brown Willy” and “Hell Creek”. The answer is still “Arsefacey”. The original question as it appears in the Beta.

Which 42 Is it in the impossible quiz?

ccd==Explanation== The answer is the 42nd 42 (triva: this is a reference to the book “Hitchicker’s guide to the galaxy” that says that the answer for life, universe and everything is 42.)

What are the answers to the impossible Quizmas?

Click any Skips you still have to open them and unlock the Quizmas presents inside….Answers

  • A bauble (boar bull)
  • Mistletoe (missile toe)
  • Boxing Day (a day who boxes)
  • Tinsel (tin cell)
  • Sweet baby Jesus (Jesus as a jelly baby)

What is the answer to level 28 on the impossible quiz?

The answer is “Abundance”, because it is a pun on the words “A bun dance”, which is descriptive enough of the picture.

How do you beat the duck on the impossible quiz?

The correct answer to this question is “Afro”, because it’s the best part of the duck, according by Splapp (plus “Afro” is not the correct term to refer to the duck’s crest).

What is the answer to the impossible Quizmas number 6?

Trivia. Moving the cursor up to the top of the screen will reveal Chris’ paws to be dismembered, which is the true reason why Chris requires assistance in licking the candy cane. This will unlock the “Jesus Christ!” medal in the Newgrounds version of the game.

What is the answer to level 37 on the impossible quiz?

Question 37 of The Impossible Quiz is the third safe question of the game. It says “Can you get this question wrong?”, with the potential answers being “No”, “Nope”, “No way”, and “Of course not”.