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What is the Decolorizer used in acid-fast staining?

What is the Decolorizer used in acid-fast staining?

Remel TB Decolorizer is a reagent recommended for use with the Kinyoun or Ziehl-Neelson carbolfuchsin staining procedure to differentiate acid-fast bacteria from nonacid-fast bacteria.

What is the Decolorizer used in modified kinyoun stain?

It involves the application of a primary stain (basic fuchsin), a decolorizer (acid-alcohol), and a counterstain (methylene blue).

What is the difference between Ziehl-Neelsen and kinyoun stain?

The fundamental difference between the two carbolfuchsin-based methods is whether heat is used during the primary staining process. The Ziehl-Neelsen method uses heat to infuse the carbolfuchsin into the acid-fast cells, whereas the Kinyoun method does not use heat.

How long Decolorizer is left on the slide in acid fast stain?

15 seconds
Do NOT decolorize for a full minute! The decolorizer should stay on the slide for no more than 15 seconds! If the decolorizer is left on too long, even gram positive cells will lose the crystal violet and will stain red.

Why is a microorganism subjected to both Gram staining and to acid fast stain?

Both the Gram stain and the acid-fast stain are basic stains and both are differential stains that cause differences in cell wall composition to be visible as color differences.

Why Gram stain is not used in acid-fast bacteria?

The reason for weak Gram staining is that the outer membrane of the acid-fast cell wall contains large amounts of glycolipids, especially mycolic acids that in the genus Mycobacterium, make up approximately 60% of the acid-fast cell wall.

What is the mordant used in the K technique?

Salts of chromium, aluminum, copper, iron, tin, and cobalt are commonly used as mordants. Since the mordant affects the electron distribution and density within the dye, the color of the dyed fabric tends to change.

Why is a microorganism subjected to both Gram staining and to acid-fast stain?

What happens if Decolorizer is not left on long enough?

It is possible to leave the decolorizer on too long and strip the blue stain out of all the bacteria, even the Gram positive ones. If the decolorizer is not left on long enough, the blue color will remain in the Gram negatives and they will appear Gram positive (purple) Page 4 c.

Can a gram-negative bacteria be acid-fast?

There are three primary types of bacterial cell wall: Gram-positive, Gram-negative, and acid-fast. We will now look at the acid-fast cell wall. Acid-fast bacteria stain poorly with the Gram stain procedure, appearing weakly Gram-positive or Gram-variable.

Is baking soda a mordant?

Fixing requires a mordant or fixer; alum, lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda are common mordants. Different mordants create different effects. Start with white fabric, and wash it well. Add a small amount of mordant to one quart of warm water in a large stainless steel pot.