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What is the deepest word for love?

What is the deepest word for love?


  • deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment.
  • devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship.
  • passion, ardour, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, adulation, besottedness.

How does a jealous person behave?

Jealous people are often non-confrontational. They may even pass off as super-friendly; they fight their fight against you underhandedly. They will downplay your achievements, spread malicious gossip about you, or just talk crap regarding you behind your back.

How do you show deep love?

10 Deeper Ways to Show Your Love

  1. Relish it. Taking pleasure from every ounce of your relationship will make your life tastier.
  2. Believe it. Feeling deep within your core that you are with the right person is a total turn on.
  3. Feel it.
  4. Trust it.
  5. Bestow it.
  6. Build it.
  7. Enjoy it.
  8. Adore it.

What do you say when you confess your love?

12 Simple Ways To Confess Your Love Without Saying “I Love You”

  • Do nice things for them.
  • Remember the little things they say when they’re talking to you.
  • Ask them things.
  • Find an opportunity where you can treat them in a special way.
  • Laugh at their jokes (even if they’re really stupid)
  • Stay in touch with them.
  • Show interest in things that they like.
  • Show up when they call you.

How do I hint to my boyfriend that I love him?

6 Subtle Ways to Make Him Say “I Love You”

  1. Ask About His Thoughts on Love.
  2. Sing a Karaoke Duet That Includes the Line “I Love You”
  3. Play a Word Association Game.
  4. Leave a Love Note.
  5. Slip it Into an Unrelated Conversation.
  6. Applaud Him When He Shares His Feelings.

How do I confess my feelings to my boyfriend?

How to Confess Your Love to a Man

  1. Evaluate your relationship. Nobody knows your relationship better than you and your partner.
  2. Pick the right time. There will be a right time for your profession of love.
  3. Take it slow. Don’t say it right away the moment you sit down with him.
  4. Be confident.
  5. Limit your expectations.

How do you know you love someone deeply?

You feel deeply connected Loving someone can involve a sense of strong connection and trust. They’re probably the first person you turn to when feeling down and the first person you want to share your successes and aspirations with. You’re a team. Sometimes you might even feel like a single unit.

What do I say to my boyfriend that I love them?

100 Reasons Why I Love You List

  • I love the way you look at me.
  • You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world.
  • With you I can be myself.
  • I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  • When we’re together, all my problems disappear.
  • You make my heart smile.
  • You know me better than I know myself..

What type of emotion is jealousy?

Jealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from suspicion to rage to fear to humiliation. It strikes people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations, and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party. The threat may be real or imagined.