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What is the difference between a Web server and an application server?

What is the difference between a Web server and an application server?

While a Web server mainly deals with sending HTML for display in a Web browser, an application server provides access to business logic for use by client application programs. The application program can use this logic just as it would call a method on an object (or a function in the procedural world).

What is the difference between application server and Web server with example?

Web Server is a server which accepts a request for data and sends the relevant document in return whereas Application Server contains a ejb container component as well to run the enterprise applications. Web Server contains Web container only. Application Server contains Web Container plus EJB Container.

What is application server and its types?

Server is a device or a computer program that accepts and responds to the request made by other program, known as client. There are two types of servers: Web Server. Application Server.

What is the type of application server?

Types of Application Server These types of servers are also called stateful server. These types of servers are also known as stateless servers. Component Server – This software plays a primary role in providing database access to software components such as COBRA, DLL, and Java Bean.

What is web server give an example?

Definition: A web server is a computer that runs websites. A Domain Name Server (DNS) converts this URL to an IP Address (For example 192.168. 216.345), which in turn points to a Web Server. The Web Server is requested to present the content website to the user’s browser.

How can I create a web server?

A web server starts out as being an extremely simple piece of code:

  1. open a TCP/IP socket on port 80.
  2. while not terminated. wait for connections on that socket. when someone sends you HTTP headers. find the path to the file. copy the file to the socket.

What is web server and its features?

A web server is a physical computer or piece of hardware that delivers content or services to end users over the Internet. It comprises of a physical server, operating system and software; together, these components are used to streamline the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) communication process.

What is a web server vs. an application server?

Web servers are desirable for static content whereas application servers are appropriate for the dynamic content.

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  • Application server contains web and EJB containers and a web server as an incorporated part of them.
  • Web server does not support multithreading whereas application server assists multithreading and distributed transaction.
  • What is the best web server?


  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • WordPress hosts
  • Pagely
  • Bluehost
  • Standard-fare hosting providers
  • Hostinger
  • InMotion Hosting
  • What are the different application servers?

    There are two types of application servers: Shared application servers Servers that host an application or software product running in administrative mode. Central application servers Servers that run applications designed to run on a central machine, providing remote services to end users.

    What are examples of application servers?

    JBoss: Open-source server from JBoss community.

  • Glassfish: Provided by Sun Microsystem. Now acquired by Oracle.
  • Weblogic: Provided by Oracle. It more secured.
  • Websphere: Provided by IBM.