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What is the difference between: diamond, crystals and zirconia?

What is the difference between: diamond, crystals and zirconia?

Diamond, crystals, and zirconia have long been a part of the world of accessories and, among us, recognizing precious stones is not one of the simplest activities. So, if you are a reseller, having that knowledge may be a differential in your favor. To help with this task, let’s talk about the peculiarities of each one, the differences between these three types of stones. Check out and keep reading!Diamond

Considered the most resilient and expensive gemstone in the world, diamond is a gem of mineral origin that forms from carbon in millions of years. And all this under the earth at high pressure and temperature. It is so hard that no other mineral can hurt it, except for another diamond stone. It can be cut in a variety of ways, and the shape of the brilliant is the best known, to the point of being confused with the very nomenclature of the stone. The diamond can’t be wetted by water, at risk of losing its luster and, with the other types of gem, is used exclusively for jewelry. This is because it is the most valuable stone in the world, making its application in semi-jewels and jewelry unfeasible and disadvantageous. Although considered expensive, diamond has always had a loyal segment and lately, black diamond ring is one of the most wanted rings.


When talking about crystal, there is a breadth of concepts and you have to recognize them to understand. The crystals form from nucleation, that is, when one substance dissolves in another. By joining the structures of each molecule, of different materials, they dissolve into each other and form a larger structure, which will also dissolve over time. As this phenomenon does not happen naturally on the planet, the Czech Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that revolutionized the process of cutting crystal, causing the stones to be made with extraordinary precision. Thus, Swarowski crystals became known worldwide as a diamond imitation that comes very close to the brilliance and beauty of the gemstone.


What is the difference between: diamond, crystals and zirconia?

There are two types of zirconia: Baddeleyite – a rare mineral found in nature and used to make jewelry only – and cubic zirconia. The latter is synthesized in the laboratory with the intention of imitating the diamond. It does not lose the brilliance in contact with the water and is very resistant. Thus, it can be studded in jewels and semi-jewels. It is a stone of excellent quality and very bright, and can be considered the best imitation of diamonds ever produced. Lay people and some professionals in the field, even, cannot differentiate the two stones. However, there are some characteristics that we can try to understand at the moment of purchase: if, looking closely inside the stone, inside you feel lack of some imperfection or black dots, it means that it is a zirconia. This is because the stone is made artificially.

Hopefully the information above can add to your insight about jewelry.