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What is the fancy word for a piece of music?

What is the fancy word for a piece of music?

What is another word for piece of music?

composition creation
melody piece
tune work

What is an antonym for fanfare?

noun. ( ˈfænˌfɛr) (music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments. Antonyms. hide close linger tasteful dullness disappear uncover.

What does fanfare mean in music?

Fanfare, originally a brief musical formula played on trumpets, horns, or similar “natural” instruments, sometimes accompanied by percussion, for signal purposes in battles, hunts, and court ceremonies. The term is of obscure derivation. Fast Facts.

What’s another word for pomp and circumstance?

What is another word for pomp and circumstance?

magnificence grandeur
impressiveness lavishness
pomp sublimity
luxuriousness show
pageantry distinction

What’s a short song called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SHORT SIMPLE SONG [ditty]

What instrument is used in a fanfare?

A fanfare (or fanfarade or flourish) is a short musical flourish that is typically played by trumpets, French horns or other brass instruments, often accompanied by percussion.

What is the fanfare style?

The fanfare is a style of music designed to evoke emotion and grab our attention at the same time. [Ruffles and Flourishes] That’s Ruffles and Flourishes, announcing the arrival of the U.S. President before the playing of Hail to the Chief. And that’s really the role of the fanfare – to make an announcement.

Which would be the closest synonym for the word refuse?


  • decline,
  • deny,
  • disallow,
  • disapprove,
  • negative,
  • nix,
  • reject,
  • reprobate,