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What is the inflation rate of China in 2020?

What is the inflation rate of China in 2020?

The monthly inflation rate in China remained on a low level recently….Inflation rate in China from 2010 to 2020 with forecasts until 2026.

Characteristic Year-on-year change
2021* 1.19%
2020** 2.5%
2019 2.9%
2018 2.11%

What is Chinese CPI?

In China, the Consumer Price Index or CPI measures changes in the prices paid by consumers for a basket of goods and services.

What is inflation rate of China?

China inflation rate for 2020 was 2.42%, a 0.48% decline from 2019. China inflation rate for 2019 was 2.90%, a 0.82% increase from 2018. China inflation rate for 2018 was 2.07%, a 0.48% increase from 2017. China inflation rate for 2017 was 1.59%, a 0.41% decline from 2016.

Which country has the best inflation rate?

Inflation is a pretty natural process in an economy where the value of currency decreases over time as the supply of money increases….Money to Burn.

Rank Country % Annual Inflation
1 Venezuela 200,000
2 Zimbabwe 161.8
3 Argentina 54.8
4 Iran 51.4

What is the current inflation rate in China?

China August Inflation Rate Steady at 2.8%. China’s annual inflation rate was at 2.8 percent in August 2019, unchanged from the previous month and above market forecasts of 2.6 percent. It remained the highest consumer inflation rate since February 2018, driven by persistently high pork prices amid an outbreak of African swine fever.

What is the future of Chinese economy?

Official government figures said the country’s economy slowed last year to 6.6 percent — the lowest expansion rate in 28 years. With the gloomy outlook, Morgan Stanley estimated that China will require at least $210 billion of net foreign capital inflows per year from 2019 to 2030 in order to finance the shortfall.

What is the current inflation rate in Kenya?

Kenya – Average consumer prices inflation rate 5.2 (%) in 2019 In 2019, inflation rate for Kenya was 5.2 %. Though Kenya inflation rate fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 2000 – 2019 period ending at 5.2 % in 2019.