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What is the Infraglottic space?

What is the Infraglottic space?

Background. Infraglottic space, also known as infraglottic cavity, comprises the space of approximately 1 cm from the lower surface of vocal folds to the lower edge of the cricoid cartilage. Most pathological lesions, especially laryngeal tumours, originate in the area of glottis.

What is vestibule of larynx?

The vestibule is an opening in the lateral wall of the larynx, between the vestibular fold above and the vocal folds below. It is the inlet to another cavity in the lateral wall of larynx, the laryngeal ventricle.

What happens when the glottis is closed?

The narrowed glottis that Abercrombie refers to is meant to account for ‘whisper,’ (Film clip 3) which is noisier than ‘breath,’ and the closed glottis refers to the state known as a ‘glottal stop,’ (Film clip 4) when the passage is closed, allowing no air (either breath or voiced flow) to pass through.

What does the laryngeal ventricle do?

The laryngeal ventricle begins inferiorly to the free edge of the vestibular fold and continues laterally. The ventricle exists bilaterally, and secretes mucus over the superior surface of the vocal folds, forming a protective layer.

What is larynx or voice box?

Your voice box (larynx) sits in the front of your neck. It holds your vocal cords and is responsible for sound production and swallowing. It’s also the entrance to the windpipe and plays a critical role in your airway.

What are the parts of larynx?

The internal space of the larynx is wide in the superior and inferior parts but narrows in the middle, forming a section named glottis, and dividing all the spaces into three sections: supraglottic, glottis, and infraglottic. The vocal cords, the glottis, and the larynx ventricles comprise the glottic space.

How is the larynx related to the vestibular fold?

During inspiration, the larynx is pulled caudad by the negative intrathoracic pressure generated by the descent of the diaphragm and contraction of the intercostal muscles. Thus, the larynx is stretched longitudinally, increasing the distance between the aryepiglottic and vestibular folds as well as between the vestibular and vocal folds.

How are the vocal cords affected by glottis edema?

The space between the vocal cords changes depending on the activity of the larynx. During regular breathing at rest, the glottis acquires a narrow wedge-shaped shape, but during forced breathing it has a wide triangular shape and the vocal cords are as far apart as they can extend.

Which is better the ventricle or the vestibular part?

The vestibular part, which is most superior, can be found above the vestibular folds. The ventricle is the sinus between the vestibule and the vocal folds and joins the vestibule and the infraglottic cavity together.

What is the shape of the glottis during breathing?

During regular breathing at rest, the glottis is a narrow wedge shape, but during forced respiration it is a wide triangular shape and the vocal cords are as far apart as they can extend. During phonation, the vocal cords close and the glottis is slit-like, if apparent at all.