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What is the meaning of besok?

What is the meaning of besok?

if I am not mistaken , besok and esok have the same meaning . both mean the day after tomorrow @emma1: See a translation.

What does Molek in Malay mean?

adjective. en possessing charm and attractive.

What does Adoi mean in Malay?

“Adoi” – exclamation like an “Ouch!” From Malay.

What is Ngam in Malay?

Definition of ngam in the Malay dictionary pp fit, fit, fit, one: he is not ~ with me; It’s pretty good, it’s even-even. Click to see the original definition of «ngam» in the Malay dictionary.

What is kecik?

kecik means small .. molek too/extremely…..means too small or extremely small……..

What does ADUI mean?


Acronym Definition
ADUI ARTS (Automated Radar Terminal System) Data Unit Interface
ADUI ARTS Data Unit Interface CSCI

What does Chup mean in Malaysia?

Chup. Meaning: Chup has 2 meanings: On one hand it means “wait”, and on the other it means “I’ve claimed this.”

What does Ngam mean?


Acronym Definition
NGAM Next-Generation Asset Management
NGAM National Guard Association of Michigan (Cadillac, MI)
NGAM National Guard Association of Maryland (Bel Air, MD)
NGAM Next Generation Aviation Mask

What does DUI mean in America?

The Meaning of DUI and DWI DUI could mean driving under the influence of alcohol, or it may mean driving under the influence of drugs. The drugs could be over-the-counter, prescription or illegal. DWI, on the other hand, may mean driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired.

Is Walao a bad word?

6. Walao / Walao Eh. Meaning: A word used to describe the feeling of surprise or disbelief.

What does GG mean in Malaysia?

abbreviation. Initialism of [i]good game[/i].

What year did it become illegal to drink and drive?

In the United States, the first laws against operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol went into effect in New York in 1910.