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What is the most popular rum?

What is the most popular rum?

100 Most Popular Rum Brands

Photo Name Country
1. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum US Virgin Islands
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Price: $27.99 Rating: 4.9 Brand: Captain Morgan Country: US Virgin Islands
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2. BACARDÍ Gold Rum Puerto Rico

What is a popular brand of rum?

Bacardi (Puerto Rico) Brinley (Saint Kitts) Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (Puerto Rico) Castillo (Puerto Rico)

What are the famous Indian rum brands?

12 Best Rum Brands In India Under The Budget Of ₹2000

  • Contessa. Topping our list of best budget rums is Contessa which is a brand from Radico Khaitan and is highly popular with the armed forces.
  • Old Port.
  • Old Monk.
  • Jolly Roger.
  • McDowell’s No.
  • Hercules.
  • Angostura.
  • Captain Morgan.

Which is the best rum to buy?

The best rums you can buy

  • Lyme Bay Winery Jack Ratt Lugger Rum: Best spiced rum.
  • Mount Gay Black Barrel: Best golden rum.
  • Black Tears: Best Cuban rum.
  • El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve Rum: Best luxury sipping rum.
  • Wood’s 100 Navy Rum: Best Navy-strength rum.
  • Angostura 1919: Best sweet rum.

What is the No 1 rum in the world?

Tanduay remains the world’s industry leader when it comes to rum. For the second straight year, the 165-year-old Filipino brand has stayed in the No. 1 seat and outperformed other foreign rum brands in the latest report released by Drinks International.

Which is better rum or Whisky?

When it comes to popularity, whisky is by far the more popular drink since it does phenomenally better in sales figures as compared to rum, both in terms of revenue and volume.

What is the best rum in the world?

Bacardi 8 Anos. Arguably the best-known rum on the market, Bacardi has been distilling rum in Puerto Rico since 1862. It is currently the largest premium rum distillery in the world. Known for affordable, quality rum (and an abundance of fun, flavored rums as well), their 8 Anos bottle is made from “a special selection of barrel-aged reserve rums,”…

What is the best selling rum?

San Francisco / June 29, 2018 / Drinks International magazine published that based on 2017 sales figures, Tanduay has overtaken Bacardi as the world’s best-selling rum; in 2017, Tanduay sold 19.5 million 9L cases (vs.

What are some names of rum?

Some of the many other names for rum are Nelson ‘s blood, kill-devil, demon water, pirate’s drink, navy neaters, and Barbados water. A version of rum from Newfoundland is referred to by the name screech, while some low-grade West Indies rums are called tafia .