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What is the opposite of a dilemma?

What is the opposite of a dilemma?

dilemma. Antonyms: extrication, rebutment, freedom, advantage, superiority, escape, solution, retort. Synonyms: fix, hobble, quandary, doubt, difficulty, scrape.

What is a word for thinking you know everything?

noun. Someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others. Synonyms. egotist egoist swellhead know-all.

Is dilemma a problem?

A dilemma is a conflict, problem, or situation with two possible solutions. When a dilemma occurs, a person has to make the difficult choice between two desirable options, or, contrastingly, two undesirable options.

What does dilemma mean in writing?

Dilemma is a rhetorical device in which a conflicting situation arises for a person to choose between right and wrong, where both seem of equal worth. …

What is Kara’s dilemma?

It’s a situation that puts Kara in a difficult situation, as Lena is still in the dark about Kara’s super heroic identity. It’s a situation that puts Kara in a “moral dilemma”.

What do you call a person that always wants things their way?

resolute Add to list Share. Use the adjective resolute to describe a purposeful and determined person, someone who wants to do something very much, and won’t let anything get in the way.

What does a little bit of everything mean?

“A bit of everything” means that you perform many tasks. In this example if something needs to be done on the farm the speaker does it.

What is another word for dilemma?

What is another word for dilemma?

predicament difficulty
confusion corner
crisis hole
impasse indecision
mire quagmire

Is it brand new or brand new?

Brand-new has been used to describe completely new and unused things since the late 16th century. Brand in the word goes back to Old English and referred to a piece of burning wood. Both words referred to the newness of an object fresh from the fire, forge, or furnace.

Do you solve a dilemma?

A dilemma is a situation in which you must choose one of two options and the choice isn’t easy. Faced with a dilemma, you should make a choice, not solve a problem. Facing a dilemma is often considered a problem, especially if the choices seem equally unplausible; you may think of making a choice as a problem.

What is another word for issue or problem?

What is another word for issue?

problem difficulty
obstacle pitfall
quandary trouble
barrier dispute
drawback hassle