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What is the order of the John Grisham books?

What is the order of the John Grisham books?

First reading order

  • The Firm (1991)
  • The Pelican Brief (1992)
  • The Client (1993)
  • The Chamber (1994)
  • The Rainmaker (1995)
  • The Runaway Jury (1996)
  • The Partner (1997)
  • The Street Lawyer (1998)

What is John Grisham’s most current book?

A Time for Mercy
Grisham’s latest book (his 42nd published novel), A Time for Mercy, is his third story involving the characters established in A Time to Kill and further follows the story of Jake Brigance, a Mississippi small town lawyer representing a minor accused of murder.

Is Camino winds a sequel to Camino Island?

Camino Winds is the sequel to John Grisham’s 2017 novel, Camino Island. A departure from Grisham’s legal thrillers, The Camino Islands series features bookstore owner, Bruce Cable, who lives in the sleepy resort town of Santa Rosa on Camino Island in Florida.

Is there a sequel to John Grisham The Associate?

The Associate is a legal thriller by John Grisham. His 21st novel, it was published by Doubleday and released in the United States on January 26, 2009….The Associate (novel)

First edition cover
Author John Grisham
Preceded by The Appeal
Followed by Ford County

Do I have to read John Grisham books in order?

John Grisham Stand-Alone Novels (In the legal Genre) These novels can be read in any order really, but I prefer the analytical option of completing them in order of publishing date.

Is there really a Camino Island?

The island in Camino Island by John Grisham is patterned after Amelia Island and its town of Fernandina Beach just north of Jacksonville, Florida. That house is on the real life Amelia Island.

Which is better Camino Winds or Camino Island?

While “Camino Island” offered a sexy plot hook in the form of those Fitzgerald manuscripts, “Camino Winds” turns out to have a more serious, issue-oriented one. It has nothing to do with Camino or the bookstore and is more like the for-profit law school scam found in Grisham’s last legal thriller, “The Rooster Bar.”

Which John Grisham book should I read first?

Which John Grisham Book Should You Read First?

  • Camino Winds. John Grisham.
  • A Time to Kill. John Grisham.
  • The Firm. John Grisham.
  • The Guardians. John Grisham.
  • The Innocent Man. John Grisham.
  • A Painted House. John Grisham.
  • Skipping Christmas. John Grisham.
  • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer. John Grisham.