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What is the primary purpose of the stage directions?

What is the primary purpose of the stage directions?

Stage directions can also include instructions about lighting, scenery, and sound effects, but their main purpose is to guide actors through their movements onstage. (Onstage movement and positioning is called blocking).

What conflict or mystery is being unraveled in the story trifles?

The conflict that seems to be most evident in the play Trifles is the abrogation of the basic rights for safety and liberty, that all females deserve, by a male-dominated society.

Which word has a similar meaning to arrange?

Some common synonyms of arrange are marshal, methodize, order, organize, and systematize. While all these words mean “to put persons or things into their proper places in relation to each other,” arrange implies a setting in sequence, relationship, or adjustment.

What does the word arranges mean in this stage direction?

Correct answer: -Arrange suggests a proper way to stack the pans and shows sympathy for Mrs. Wright. The women are often described through stage directions rather than through dialogue. The stage directions suggest that the silenced women speak through subtle but important actions.

What are the effects of the protagonist action in the play trifles?

Hale’s radical thinking pushes Mrs. Peters to help her hide the murdered bird that they think will prove Mrs. Wright’s guilt. So, yes: our protagonist is guilty of obstructing justice, and we love her for it.

Who is the hero in trifles?

John Wright

How does this dialogue develop Mrs Wright’s possible motivation for killing her husband?

Wright’s possible motivation for killing her husband? The dialogue suggests that Mr. The dialogue suggests that Mrs. Wright may have desired to escape her unhappy marriage.

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in trifles?

Trifles also has a protagonist (Mr. Wright even though he is dead) and an antagonist (Minnie, the wife). The play is also a mystery; it is obvious that from the start, Minnie takes the life of her husband.

Why is Mrs Hale the protagonist in trifles?

Like Minnie Wright, Mrs. Hale is the more opinionated of the two women searching the house, and she’s the one who finds and hides much of the evidence. In doing so, she displays loyalty to Minnie and great strength of character.

What explanation does Mrs Wright give for her husband’s death quizlet?

What explanation does Mrs. Wright give for her husband’s death? She says that somebody strangled him.

What is the conflict in trifles?

The major conflict in this play is external — the men versus the women. The male sheriff, country attorney and neighbor look for evidence, while Mrs. Hale, the neighbor’s wife, and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife, gather clothing to take to Mrs.

Why did Mr Wright kill the bird?

The motive for the crime lies in Minnie Wright’s sad and isolated life. This isolation is imposed by her hard and silent husband. When he kills her canary, he is figuratively killing her contact with her past self—a woman full of life and song.

What does the word fixed mean in the stage direction?

Brainly User. Answer: Here , fixed means concentrated at one thing ,i.e, loaf of bread. Hope it helps.

How does this dialogue further develop the idea that Mrs Wright may have had a motive?

How does this dialogue further develop the idea that Mrs. Wright may have had a motive for killing her husband? It suggests that she did not care about his death. Which of the following stage directions from part one of Trifles supports the idea that the two women, Mrs.

What is the main theme of trifles?

Justice is a major theme of Trifles, especially as it pertains to women. The title of Glaspell’s short story based on Trifles is “A Jury of Her Peers,” which refers to the fact that women were not allowed to serve on a jury at this time.

What is the rising action of trifles?

As others have said, the rising action occurs as Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters explore the kitchen area of the house with the observant female eyes of fellow rural housewives who grow, because of what they see, to have increasingly more empathy for Mrs. Wright.

What does the word pointing mean in the stage direction?

What does the word “pointing” mean in this stage direction? eying. leading. indicating. accusing.

How does the meaning of the word trifle apply to the play trifles?

The Meaning of the Name Trifles for This Psychological Play The word trifles typically refer to objects of little to no value. It makes sense in the context of the play due to the items that the female characters come across.

What is ironic about the title trifles?

The title of the play is oozing with irony. The title comes from this gem of a line from Hale: “Well, women are used to worrying about trifles” (132). He says this in response to the fact that Mrs. Wright seems to be more worried about her preserves bursting than she is about the fact that she’s being held for murder.

What does the title trifles suggest in the play is it ironic and if so in what way?

The title of the play ‘trifles’ is ironic, because what is referred to as ‘trifles’ in the play embodies the most important answers to the question asked in the play; answers to the mystery of John Wright’s death. A trifle is something of little importance.

What are the trifles in trifles?

The titular “trifles” in Glaspell’s play are the small, seemingly insignificant pieces of evidence that reveal Mrs. Wright’s motivation to kill her husband. The trifles include Mrs. Wright’s frozen preserves, her erratic stitching, the broken bird cage, and the dead canary.

Who or what are Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters in conflict with explain with examples?

Peters and Mrs. Hale are in conflict with the men because of their condescending attitudes. Shortly after Mr. Hale directs the sheriff and county attorney into the Wrights’ home where he has previously discovered that Mr.

How does the stage directions help the reader?

Reading the stage directions is as important as reading the dialogue between and among the characters in a play. These stage directions give a reader important information about the movements, facial expressions, tone of voice, and thereby the emotions of characters.

What does the word arranges mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to put into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment arrange flowers in a vase arrange cards alphabetically. 2 : to make preparations for : plan arranged a reception for the visitor.

How is Mrs Wright isolated in the context of this story What does it mean to be alone?

When Mrs. Wright was Minnie Foster, she is apparently a woman who looks lively, dress lively, and loves singing. After she gets married to her husband, she becomes isolated from everybody. She does not join any activities. She feels she couldn’t do her responsibility to society and feels worthless.

What is the plot in trifles?

In Trifles, two plots run parallel: the men have an off-stage story as they hunt for clues to the murder of Mr. Wright: the women have an on-stage story as they unravel the life of Mrs. Wright.