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What is the proper pad placement when using an AED?

What is the proper pad placement when using an AED?

Place one pad on the right side of the chest, just below the collarbone. Place the other pad on the lower left side of the chest. Connect the pads to the AED.

What is Pacer mode in defibrillator?

During the pacing process, the care team uses their monitor/defibrillator to select a healthier heart rate and the level of energy they’d like to deliver along with the shock. This guides the patient’s heart to beat at that particular rate. When successful, pacing will help a patient’s heart resume a healthy rhythm.

What’s the correct anterolateral pad or paddle placement?

In the case of AED pads, this specifically means that one AED pad is placed on the front of the chest while the other AED pad is placed on the back as seen in the illustration. As for anterior lateral or anterolateral , this is equivalent to “toward the front” and “towards the edge” in standard anatomical position.

What should you do immediately after the AED administers a shock?

Immediately following the shock, begin CPR for 5 cycles (or approximately 2 minutes). Begin CPR for 2 minutes (5 cycles). Perform CPR for 5 cycles of 30 compressions to 2 breaths. Note: Do not remove the AED pads to perform CPR.

What is the correct placement of AED pads?

An AED delivers a shock to a victim using two pads placed directly onto the victim’s chest. The positioning of these pads is important, as the electrical shock needs to travel through the heart muscle. The first pad is placed underneath the victim’s collarbone (clavicle). The second pad is placed on the left chest wall, underneath the armpit.

Where do you put the AED pads?

The right pad will typically go on the right hand side, a little higher than the center, and the left one should go underneath the left nipple. The AED pads should always be placed at least one inch away from pacemakers and any piercings the person may have.

Where to place defibrillator pads on a child?

Children’s defibrillator pads are used on small children over age one. Children’s pads are used much like the adult pads and are placed sticky side down on the chest and back of the child. The pads should be placed in the middle of the chest/back, about six inches below the neck.