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What is the purpose of Ode 2 in Antigone?

What is the purpose of Ode 2 in Antigone?

Answer and Explanation: The meaning of Ode 2 in Antigone is a dark warning about the wrath of the gods and foreshadows the tragic fate of Antigone. It discusses how the gods…

How does Tiresias prophecy come true?

Who gave Odysseus a prophecy of his future? Tiresias, a blind, dead prophet. He told Odysseus to NOT eat the cattle on the island, but he foresaw that his men would give into the temptation and eat the cattle, leaving Odysseus to be all alone.

How does the city feel about Antigone’s crime?

How does the city feel about Antigone’s crime? They think she should be found innocent. While Creon is ranting at his son, what does the king threaten to do? Kill Antigone right there in front of Haemon.

What is the theme of Ode 3 in Antigone?

The third choral ode of Antigone expands upon this theme, suggesting that even what might appear to be good fortune can be revealed as bad fortune. It warns us that none can escape their fates or the curses of the gods and that hope in such circumstances is often misleading.

What is the theme of Antigone Act I ode II?

What is the theme of Ode 2? 1) Punishment of the god’s is forever.

How does Tiresias prophecy affect the plot of the story?

ATiresias predicts that Narcissus will drown so his mother Liriope kept him from rivers and springs. DTiresias predicts that Narcissus will live a long life as long as he does not see his reflection; when he does, it leads to his tragic end. …

Who did Antigone want to bury?


What is the role of haemon in Antigone?

Haemon. Antigone’s young fianc√© and son to Creon. In the first, he is rejected by Antigone; in the second, he begs his father for Antigone’s life. Creon’s refusal ruins his exalted view of his father.

What is the basic story of Antigone?

Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles in the year 441 BCE and is a play about the aftermath of a civil war in which the two sons of Oedipus, Eteocles and Polyneices, kill each other, where the new king and their successor, Creon, tries to punish Polyneices for his disloyalty by not burying him properly.