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What is the spacing between smoke detectors?

What is the spacing between smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors do not have a listed spacing. They have a recommended spacing of 30 feet between detectors. However, smoke detectors can be installed up to 41 feet apart in corridors up to 10 feet wide. The main fact to remember is that all points on the ceiling must be within 21 feet of the detector.

What is the 0.7 rule?

NFPA 72 requires that all points on the ceiling have a detector within a distance of 0.7 times the listed spacing of the detector.

How far should a smoke detector be from a bedroom door?

Smoke Detectors are recommended to be a minimum of 36 inches from an HVAC supply vent, ceiling fan blade tip or bathroom door with a shower or tub. g. The maximum allowable distance from a hallway smoke detector to a bedroom is twenty feet on an unobstructed ceiling.

Why should heat detectors not be used in place of smoke detectors?

This is because a smoke detector will typically detect a fire more quickly than a heat detector. For example, regular cooking activity in the kitchen could produce fumes that may cause a smoke detector to activate. With that in mind, heat detectors are typically used instead of smoke detectors in kitchens.

What is the maximum mounting height of a smoke detector?

Smoke Detector & Heat Detector Mounting Heights

Detector Type Maximum Ceiling Height (m) Cat L/P
Smoke Detectors 10.5 Meters (12.5 meters for 10% of Ceiling)
CO Point Detectors 10.5 Meters (12.5 meters for 10% of Ceiling)
Optical Beam Detectors 25 Meters (25 meters for 10% of Ceiling)

How is heat test spacing calculated?

A spot type heat detector will cover all points located within 0.7 times the listed spacing. The listed spacing for heat detectors is S = 50 ft. (15.3 m).

Where should you not put a smoke detector?

11 Places NOT to Put Smoke Alarms – can you name them?

  1. Bathrooms.
  2. Near Fans.
  3. Near Vents, Supply Grills and Registers.
  4. Windows and sliding glass doors.
  5. Within 4” of wall / ceiling corners.
  6. Near Cooking appliances.
  7. In Furnace and water heater closets.
  8. Near laundry washing machines or dishwashers.

Should smoke detectors be placed on wall or ceiling?

Smoke alarms should be mounted in or near bedrooms and living areas, either on the ceiling or the wall. Ceiling mounting it is typically preferred as it allows the smoke alarm to be placed more centrally in the room.

Are heat detectors better than smoke detectors?

Smoke alarms detect smoke – fit them in all rooms where a fire might start. But in smoky or steamy rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, a heat alarm is more suitable. These alarms go off when the room reaches a certain temperature.

Do smoke detectors detect heat or smoke?

A smoke detector will only detect heat if that is an included function of the device. There is no rule that a smoke detector must also detect high temperatures. That said, many smoke detectors do include a heat sensing function. You should check the device to determine its capabilities.

What is smooth ceiling spacing?

Smoke Detector Spacing for Smooth Ceilings 3.2. All points on the ceiling shall have a detector within a distance equal to or less than 0.7 times the nominal 30 foot spacing.

What is listed spacing?

Listed spacing — the spacing for which a heat detector is rated. Partitions — walls extending from the floor toward the ceiling. If they are within 15% of the ceiling, consider the space separated by the partitions as separate rooms.

What is the maximum area coverage by a smoke detector?

Beam smoke detectors generally have a maximum range of 330 feet and a maximum spacing between detectors of 60 feet. This gives the beam smoke detector theoretical coverage of 19,800 square feet.

What is the proper placement of a smoke alarm?

Placement. A smoke alarm should be placed at least 20 feet away from a kitchen or cooking area, such as a freestanding cooktop, to avoid false positives. Any alarm closer than 20 feet from the cooking area should have either a silencing button or be a photoelectric smoke detector, as recommended by the National Association of State Fire Marshals.

Should I put a smoke detector in my attic?

Unfinished Attic. Smoke alarms are not designed to work in extreme heat or cold, or in areas where smoke and dust are common because they could damage the sensors of the alarm. Heat detectors should be used in attics.

Where to locate fire alarms?

Locate the fire alarm control panel. Typically, fire alarm systems for large commercial buildings are controlled by a primary panel. These panels are often located in a breaker room or janitor’s closet.