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What is ThoughtWorks famous for?

What is ThoughtWorks famous for?

It provides software design and delivery, and tools and consulting services. The company is closely associated with the movement for agile software development, and has contributed to a content of open source products.

Is ThoughtWorks a good company to work for?

Thoughtworks is a very good work place with a lot of fun with lunch and learn session. My best company among all the companies that I have worked for earlier.

What are the products of ThoughtWorks?

What we do

  • Customer Experience, Product and Design. Drive value through extraordinary customer experiences powered by integrated technology and design.
  • Data and AI.
  • Digital Transformation and Operations.
  • Enterprise Modernization, Platforms and Cloud.

Who is the CEO of ThoughtWorks?

Guo Xiao (Jun 2013–)

Does ThoughtWorks pay well?

The highest-paying job at ThoughtWorks is a Lead Consultant with a salary of ₹39 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹28 lakhs per year. For Software Engineer the minimum salary is ₹9.4 Lakhs per year, for Software Developer the minimum salary is ₹9.9 Lakhs per year and so on.

What are 3 pillars of ThoughtWorks?

It says that there are three pillars to a company: Sustainable Business, Software Excellence, and Social Justice[1]. Each pillar has its own definition of success and for the company to be successful it has to balance the aims of all three pillars.

Can I join ThoughtWorks?

How do I join? First, you need to apply to a graduate-level role on our career site and be hired into Thoughtworks. Once you’ve officially joined, entry-level Thoughtworkers (recent grads or career changers) attend Thoughtworks University during their first year with us.

Who started ThoughtWorks?

Neville Roy Singham

How is thoughtworks different?

Thoughtworks differed from other companies in three main areas: openness and transparency, unsettling people and processes, and the primary focus of the company. Openness and Transparency. Thoughtworks distinguishes itself from other companies by having an open door policy.

How do I get into ThoughtWorks?

Thoughtwroks conducts 6-10 rounds to select freshers as Software Engineer in their organisation.

  1. Short Coding round.
  2. Long coding round.
  3. Technical Interview 1.
  4. Technical Interview 2.
  5. Skype Interview.
  6. Phone Interview.
  7. P3 round (Three pillars of Thoughtworks)
  8. Technical Round.

Is the culture at ThoughtWorks in Pune good?

All the great culture of openness and tech savvy attitude is fast diminishing in last few years; as lot of key tech leads have left.

How long have you worked at ThoughtWorks India?

Having worked in ThoughtWorks India for 3 years right off of college, I can, in retrospect, claim that it was one of the best places to start my career.

What kind of a company is ThoughtWorks?

We are a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses.

What is the job of a thought worker?

Our job is to foster a vibrant community where people have the freedom to make an extraordinary impact on the world through technology. As a ThoughtWorker, you are free to seek out the most ambitious challenges.