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What kind of chainsaw is used in Evil Dead?

What kind of chainsaw is used in Evil Dead?

Homelite XL-12
The chainsaw makes it’s first appearance in the original 1981 Evil Dead movie. In this movie the chainsaw used is a Homelite XL-12. The XL-12 was introduced in 1963 and is credited with being the first “lightweight” chainsaw. The “12” in the model number indicates that the saw weighed 12 pounds.

What happened to Mia after Evil Dead?

He enters the cellar to subdue her, but is instead attacked and nearly drowned by her; however, Eric is able to incapacitate her, but is stabbed in the process and succumbs to his wounds. David buries Mia alive, before digging her back up and reviving her using a makeshift defibrillator.

What chainsaw did Ash use?

Homelite XL Chainsaw
The Homelite XL Chainsaw is the main weapon of Ash Williams. Aside from his trusty Boomstick, it is the most iconic weapon in Ash’s arsenal of Deadite-fighting equipment.

Is Mia Ash Evil Dead?

Mia is the lead character of 2013’s Evil Dead movie, and she’s considered by many to be a composite character of Ash and his sister Cheryl.

What gun does ash use in Evil Dead?

Ash (Bruce Campbell) uses a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun, his signature “Boomstick” from The Evil Dead film series. He keeps it in a hidden compartment in the floor of his mobile home.

What does Ash replace his hand with in Evil Dead?

Wooden Hand
The Wooden Hand (El Jefe) Sometime between returning to the late 20th century and 2015, Ash lost, broke, or stopped using the Metal Gauntlet and replaced it with a simple wooden hand.

Does ash appear Evil Dead 2013?

Evil Dead (2013) Ash makes an appearance in a post-credits scene, in which he says his signature catchphrase, “Groovy”.

Why was Ash not in Evil Dead Remake?

Bruce Campbell will serve as a producer, and will not be the star of the film due to his retirement role as Ash Williams. In June 2020, Campbell revealed that Lee Cronin was handpicked by Raimi to write and direct the film, which will be called Evil Dead Rise.

How did Mia Allen escape the Evil Dead?

Taking refuge in the shed, Mia arms herself with a chainsaw, which she uses to sever the demon’s legs. Following a prolonged fight, Mia’s arm is pinned beneath David’s Jeep, forcing her to sever her own arm to escape.

How did the chainsaw end in the Evil Dead?

The chainsaw met it’s end at the hands of Ruby, a powerful Dark One who sought to destroy Ash and his daughter Brandy. Ash was saddened by the destruction of the chainsaw, swearing revenge that Ruby would pay for what she had done.

What kind of chainsaw does Ash have in deploy and destroy?

The mobile game Deploy And Destroy introduced two new chainsaws exclusively for Ash: “Granny” (A red and black chainsaw that seems to be inspired by the chainsaw from The Evil Dead ), and “Massacre” (a orange and silver chainsaw that looks similar to the unmodified Homelite XL chainsaw from the beginning of Evil Dead II ).

What did Mia do to David’s dog in Evil Dead?

David later discovers his dog, Grandpa, has been killed, bludgeoned with a hammer. Realizing Mia is responsible, he goes to confront her, but discovers her scalding herself in the shower.