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What kind of high is trainwreck?

What kind of high is trainwreck?

Trainwreck is a sativa-leaning cross between Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landraces. It has a sweet, yet spicy flavor with notes of lemon, pine, and earth. It’s a good strain to try if it’s a spacy and cerebral high you’re after, as Trainwreck is said to give a nice body buzz even.

Is trainwreck a creeper?

Train Wreck is a 90/10 Sativa/Indica cross and as far as we are concerned, this medical marijuana is some of the most potent on the planet if grown correctly. Train Wreck marijuana is known to many as a seriously potent creeper strain. …

Is Zkittlez strain strong?

As its name suggests, Zkittlez is a strain with both a strong aroma and flavor that are repeatedly compared to the popular candy, Skittles.

Is there such a thing as a trainwreck strain?

Trainwreck marijuana is ideal for lifting your mind to the next level, no matter where you started, and it will bring your body along for the ride with its strong THC content that goes a very long way. The Trainwreck strain is a heavy-hitter that offers those sativa effects you want.

Is the Trainwreck sativa strain high in CBD?

Trainwreck cannabis strain is not known for high CBD levels, although it is still known for producing a powerful body buzz. Trainwreck is a good strain for anyone who really wants to launch themselves into space for the afternoon. It offers a mental buzz and a bit of the potential for time stretch and other mind-bending effects.

What kind of effects does Trainwreck weed have?

Regarding the mind, the Trainwreck strain produces heavily cerebral effects that uplift the mood and spirit, while causing introspection and sometimes even mildly psychoactive moments. The body high of Trainwreck weed is the exact moment when you can tell that this strain is actually a hybrid and not pure sativa.

What kind of sativa do you use for Trainwreck?

If you like the taste or feeling generally of Super Lemon Haze or Jack Herer but want something even more focusing or unique, go for some Trainwreck. And Trainwreck is very similar in effects to Ghost Train Haze, so lots of those amazing sativa cerebral effects and uplifting benefits, but with more spicy, peppery kush flavor plus notes of mint.