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What song plays when Gladiator died?

What song plays when Gladiator died?

Q: When Maximus is dying, what is the song playingin the background? (from gullo in toronto, canada)
A: That’s probably track 15 on the soundtrack – “Elysium” (thanks to Patrick Everett, Manila, Philippines) add more info

How did Maximus the Gladiator die?

Shortly before the film’s final sequence—a battle to the death between Commodus and Maximus in the arena—Commodus visits Maximus beneath the Colosseum. He stabs him in the back (yes, literally) and then orders Quintus to cover up the wound. He, however, dies in the process.

What language is the Gladiator theme song in?

Q: What is the language and lyrics of the song “Now We Are Free” in Gladiator? A: There are no lyrics any language, only a special made-up language that Lisa Gerrard has used since she was a child to “talk to God.” See interview below.

Who betrayed Maximus in Gladiator?

Tomas Arana as General Quintus: A Roman legatus, commander of the Praetorian Guard, who betrays Maximus by allying with Commodus.

Who sings gladiator theme song?

“Gladiator” is a song by Australian recording artist Dami Im. It was written by Im, Johan Gustafson, Fredrik Häggstam and Sebastian Lundberg, and produced by the latter three under their production name Trinity.

What is the theme song to Gladiator?

The song was released on 8 August 2014, as the second single from Im’s third studio album Heart Beats. “Gladiator” is a mid-tempo pop ballad that explores the theme of female empowerment. According to its lyrics, Im sings about the need to make a man fall in love with her by fighting for his love “like a gladiator”.

What is the theme of the movie Gladiator?

The Themes of Revenge, Power, Duty and Honor in The Gladiator. The main themes of this film are revenge and power, duty and honour. The main man of the film is Maximus; he is a general in the Roman Army.