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What tools do I need to replace a CV axle?

What tools do I need to replace a CV axle?

What Tools Do I Need to Change a CV Joint?Vehicle Jack. Removal of a CV joint requires that you jack the vehicle off the ground to allow access to remove the wheel and components from the wheel hub. Lug Wrench. A lug wrench is needed to remove the wheel and tire to access the CV joint.3/8″ Drive Socket Wrench Set. Tie Rod Puller. Hub Socket.

How do you remove a CV axle?

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What does the CV axle connect to?

CV joints are part of the driveshaft and are used primarily on front-wheel drive vehicles, but they are also used in rear- and four-wheel drive vehicles. Each drive wheel has two CV joints: the inner joint connects the transmission to the axle, and the outer joint connects the axle to the wheel.

Can I drive without a CV axle?

You cannot drive without the outer CV spline bolted in through the hub. This holds the hub together, the wheel hub is two piece. Can you drive a truck with a bad CV axle? In a front-wheel drive car, the axles are connected to the wheels with Constant Velocity (CV) joints.

What causes a CV axle to break?

The most common problem with CV joints is when the protective boot cracks, tears, or becomes damaged. Once this happens, the grease leaks out and moisture and dirt get in, causing the CV joint to wear faster and eventually fail due to loss of lubrication, contamination, and corrosion.

Will a bad CV joint make a grinding noise?

A bad or failing CV joint will oftentimes make a clicking, popping or grinding noise, especially when turning. A bad CV joint can also cause a vibration that is felt in the steering wheel and floorboard of the vehicle – this may happen only at certain speeds.

Can I drive on a noisy wheel bearing?

If a wheel bearing starts to get worn, it will start to make a noise. It is not a good idea to drive with a worn wheel bearing because it is an essential part of holding the wheel onto your vehicle.

Can you drive a car with a noisy wheel bearing?

The most common symptom with a bad wheel bearing is a loud noise coming from the tire or wheel of the vehicle. If a wheel bearing is missing, it is not recommended you drive the vehicle at all as the wheel can fall off entirely while the vehicle is in motion.