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What was the most recent bushfire in Australia?

What was the most recent bushfire in Australia?

Between July 2019 and 13 February 2020, the NSW Rural Fire Service reported that 11,264 bush or grass fires burnt 5.4 million hectares (13 million acres), destroyed 2,439 homes, and approximately 24 megalitres (5.3 million imperial gallons; 6.3 million US gallons) of fire retardant was used.

What was Australia’s worst bushfire season?

The worst season recorded is 1974-75, with 117 million hectares (290 million acres) burned, equivalent to 15 percent of Australia’s physical land mass that equates to the entire area of France, Spain, and Portugal combined.

How big is the average bushfire in Australia?

This is a list of major bushfires in Australia. The list contains individual bushfires and bushfire seasons that have resulted in fatalities, or bushfires that have burned in excess of 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres), or was significant for its damage to particular Australian landmarks.

When was the last bushfire season in Australia?

The 2014–15 Australian bushfire season was expected to have the potential for many fires in eastern Australia after lower than expected rainfall was received in many areas. Authorities released warnings in the early spring that the season could be particularly bad.

How many houses have been destroyed in Australian bushfires?

A tweet by AFAC published on 28 February 2020 stated that a total of 3,094 houses had been lost across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, Western Australia and South Australia. On 12 February 2020 the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) reported that 2,439 homes had been destroyed in NSW.

How are the bushfires affecting the economy of Australia?

The combined impact has been severe for the affected areas. In assessing the economic impact of the bushfires for Australia as a whole, the recovery also needs to be taken into account.