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When did Gibson stop using T-tops?

When did Gibson stop using T-tops?

After PAF pickups were gone, the patent# pickups were next and used from 1962 to 1965. Then from 1965 to 1975 (note overlap) the next Gibson humbucker is known as the “T bucker” or “T top”. They are called this because of a “T” that is part of the molding on the front of the two pickup bobbins.

Are T-tops PAFS?

Amongst Gibson owners the ‘T Top’ humbucker is, next to the PAF, arguably the most sought after ‘vintage’ Gibson pickup. The old PAF bobbin with its distinctive little holes at one end was distinctly fragile, and when Gibson re tooled the bobbin they made it a beefier moulding.

Are Gibson T-tops wax potted?

T-tops weren’t wax potted from the factory.

What is T Top humbucker?

The original vintage “T-Top” Gibson Humbucking pickups were introduced as an updated version of the venerable PAF and early Patent No. pickups. They are characterized by the “T” impressed on the top of each of the internal bobbins.

How do you date a Gibson t top pickup?

The dates that Gibson pickups were used are always approximate, but these are generally true.

  1. Patent number label on the bottom, no T on the bobbins.
  2. Patent number label on the bottom, T on the bobbins.
  3. Patent number stamp on the bottom, T on the bobbins.
  4. Patent number stamp on bottom, no T on bobbins.

What are T type pickups?

The “T-Type” pickups are a replica of Gibson’s “T-Top” pickups built from 1965-1980 (but only used on SGs until 1974). Those models were then sold through Gibson’s Demo Shop on Reverb with various modifications and included a certificate of authenticity.

When did they start wax potting pickups?

PAF Pickups and Wax Potting No Gibson pickup from the 1950’s and 1960’s were ever wax potted at the Kalamazoo factory. Wax potting is a process now commonly used to eliminate feedback through a humbucker pickup.

When did wax potting pickups start?

Wax encasing things would have been second nature to any electrical designer, back to the 1910s and ’20s. So, the first guy who ever heard a pickup squeal probably immediately thought “Dunk it in wax”. By 1955, Fender was lacquering their pickups to accomplish the same thing.

What is top pickup?

T-tops are actually low-output pickups, usually on the 7.5kOhm range. The short magnet gives the pickup that extra chime and top end, at the expense of some grit and low end.

Are P90s good for metal?

Let’s get this out the way, P90s do not sound pretty with ultra-high distortion! The reason being they sound too thin and brittle, they also have a loose bass response for playing any style of metal. This ultimately means for playing any form of metal, they are best left to their humbucker counterparts.