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When should I change my wet tile saw blade?

When should I change my wet tile saw blade?

A good tile wet saw blade should cut steadily and quickly through any material, no matter how dense or hard. If you find that over time your cuts are going more slowly, or that you are exerting more and more pressure on the tile to get it through the blade, the blade probably needs to be replaced.

Can I put a wood blade on my tile saw?

Though a wet tile saw may resemble a table saw, it is not designed to cut through wood. It is equipped with a diamond-edged, carbide blade that is different from that of a table saw. If used on wood, it would likely jam and/or ruin the blade itself, not to mention cause injury to the operator.

How do you keep glass tiles from chipping when cutting?

Using a wet saw is a time-effective method for achieving clean edges while reducing the risk of damaging the glass tiles. The saw releases a steady stream of water as the blade cuts through the tile, which decreases friction and cools the cut edge, resulting in a smoother cut with minimal breakage.

Where to find the Kobalt b7-06 tile saw manual?

Page 1 7 IN. BOX TILE SAW MODEL #KWS B7-06 Français p. 30 Español p. 60 KOBALT® and the K Design® are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. All Rights Reserved. ATTACH YOUR RECEIPT HERE Serial Number Purchase Date Questions, problems, missing parts?

What do you need to know about the Kobalt KWS manual?

This manual contains information that relates to PROTECTING PERSONAL SAFETY and PREVENTING EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. It is very important to read this manual carefully and understand it thoroughly before using the product. Page 6 SAFETY INFORMATION OPERATION/WORKPLACE • KEEP GUARDS IN PLACE and in working order. • REMOVE ADJUSTING KEYS AND WRENCHES.

Can a Kobalt sliding saw be mounted to a workbench?

This tile saw can be mounted to an optional stand (Item #0544098, sold separately at www.lowes. com). This stand can be shared with the Kobalt 7 in. sliding saw (Item #0632871, sold separately). 1. The tile saw (R) can also be mounted to a firm supporting surface such as a workbench.

Is the Kobalt Stone saw a laser model?

ITEM #0325791 WET TILE/STONE SAW with LASER and LED WORK LIGHT ITEM #0325791 WET TILE/STONE SAW with LASER and LED WORK LIGHT Model: KB7004 KOBALT® is a registered trademark of LF, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer, call our Customer Service Department at 1-888-3KOBALT.