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Where are the confiscated goods in Riften?

Where are the confiscated goods in Riften?

Along the road north out of Riften are three wooden watchtowers manned by Riften guards. Each tower has a chest labeled ‘Confiscated Goods. ‘ Each chest has very good loot but it is considered stealing to take it.

How do I recover a confiscated item in Skyrim?

When they’re confiscated, they’re placed in an evidence chest. These chests can be found in the jails themselves and in guard houses. If you have the chutzpah, you can re-enter the jail once you serve your time and seek it out.

Where do confiscated items go?

Any profits end up in the pockets of the state that helped coordinate the sales. The remaining confiscated items are likely donated to organizations that can use them — or sell them. “We have heard of local schools receiving the scissors,” a TSA employee wrote on the agency’s official blog.

What happens to confiscated stolen goods Skyrim?

Any stolen items in your possession will be confiscated and retained by the guards if you are arrested. All items that are confiscated as a result of your arrest or jail time will be stored in an evidence chest in the jail of the hold. Furthermore, standard merchants will not buy stolen items.

How do you escape Castle dour dungeon?

To escape, the basic route is to escape the jail cell, walk to the passageway directly ahead, follow the path up the steps, turn first left, down the steps, and the belongings chest will be on a table. Follow the path onwards and eventually reach the door into Castle Dour, and then Solitude.

What is mavens personal key for?

Opens the door to the room where Maven performed the Black Sacrament, in the basement of Black-Briar Manor. Cannot be dropped. You must pickpocket it from Maven Black-Briar.

Is it better to go to jail or pay bounty Skyrim?

Jail is an alternative for you if you don’t want to pay your bounty in order to get rid of it. Unfortunately, staying in jail will also cause reduce of the progress you’ve made toward leveling up skills. Store away any stolen goods. When you pay a bounty, all of your stolen items will be confiscated.

What happens to confiscated items at airport security?

On, state agencies sell surplus or confiscated goods via a bidding system. And don’t worry; the TSA isn’t selling your belongings for a profit. After an outside contractor removes the “contraband” from the airport, states then purchase the confiscated items and resell them online for some extra cash.

Does TSA sell confiscated items?

The TSA doesn’t just throw out the items confiscated at security checkpoints. However, much of the loot confiscated items are actually sold online by the individual states via TSA auctions. Advertisements: Buying the confiscated goods either from the TSA or individual states is done in auctions 90% of the time.

Do you get stolen items back after Cidhna mine?

Your stolen items will be in the confiscated items chest in the jail. So, while those stolen items won’t be returned to your inventory upon your release (or jail break), you can still attempt to steal them back from the chest when a guard is not looking.

How do I get out of Cidhna mine?

To leave the mine, activate one of the ore veins using a pickaxe, triggering an option to serve jail time.