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Where can I buy a silver shield in dq9?

Where can I buy a silver shield in dq9?

The silver shield has a defence bonus of +55, a style bonus of +38, and reduces Frizz, Sizz, Bang, and fire breath damage by 25. They can be purchased in Greedmore Valley for 33,000 gold.

How to get silver shield dq1?

It can only be found by unlocking a door in the east side of Mercado and speaking to one of the merchants. The silver shield is the most expensive item in the game and is also the most protective shield as Erdrick’s shield did appear.

Where is erdrick’s shield in dragon warrior?

the castle of Cannock
Erdrick’s shield is found in the castle of Cannock, watched over by an old sage in the center of the building’s pond.

Where can I buy a flowing dress dq9?

The flowing dress can be bought for 14,800 gold in Turnscote, Lower Weaver’s Peak, Despairia, and in the well east of Port Haven. It has a defense bonus of +65 and style bonus of +42, and will reduce frizz, sizz, bang, and fire breath damage by 30. It can be equipped by Milly, Ashlynn, and Nevan.

Where is the flame sword in Dragon Warrior?

It can only be bought at Cantlin by unlocking a door to the right side of the town. There will be a soldier there that sells it for 9800 gold, along with the Silver shield.

What is the best sword in Dragon Quest 1?

Erdrick’s sword
Erdrick’s sword (Sword of Erdrick, Loto’s Sword in the GameBoy remakes) is a powerful sword featured in the first three games in the Dragon Quest series that once belonged to the legendary hero, Erdrick.

What does the end of Dragon Quest 11 mean?

Dragon Quest 11’s first ending feels remarkably similar to the story of Final Fantasy 6. Midway through the game, the bad guy wins. The world is plunged into darkness. Dragon Quest 11 gives you back control after the credits roll, as you reunite with your friends some months after taking care of the evil Mordegon.

How do I get to Slewse in Dragon Quest 2?

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary LineEdit Slewse provides access to a watergate which must be opened in order to visit the Tower of the Moon. The water gate is hidden in the northwest corner of the village and can only be opened using the Floodgate key.

Where can I buy a flame sword?


  • Hyrule Field and East Necluda.
  • Treasure Chest in Saas Ko’sah Shrine in the Central Hyrule Region.
  • Treasure Chest in Voo Lota Shrine in the Tabantha Region. Treasure Chest in Korsh O’hu Shrine in the Wasteland Region.
  • Treasure Chest in Tutsuwa Nima Shrine in the Akkala Region.

How do you get Erdrick’s armor?

It cannot be bought at any store, and can only be found in Damdara, buried in the ground, but fortunately a helpful townsfolk in Cantlin, the grandson of it’s previous guardian Magog, gives away hints at where it is located; specifically the armor is located under a tree patch, right next to the former shop of Magog in …

Is the luminary Erdrick?

The Luminary is given the title Erdrick by the Yggdragon as an honour for defeating Calasmos and ridding the world of evil. Here, it is revealed that he is the first to bear the title, showing a flash-forward to the hero of Dragon Quest and the hero of Dragon Quest III years later.