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Where can I get free fill?

Where can I get free fill?

Try these favorites:

  • (leads you to trusted sites)
  • (beta site)
  • (local in Virginia)
  • (local in Alabama)
  • (search for fill dirt; you may find free delivery, too)

Where can I find clean fill?

Waste disposal companies usually collect huge amounts of clean fill from construction and renovation sites and trade it to other construction or job sites that need those materials….Construction materials accepted for clean fill disposal include:

  1. Top soil.
  2. Dirt.
  3. Brick.
  4. Gravel.
  5. Rubble.
  6. Sand.
  7. Cement.
  8. Concrete.

What is clean fill?

While each local and state municipality has their own agreed upon definition of clean fill, it generally is thought of as uncontaminated solid material including soil, rock, stone, dredged material, used asphalt, and brick, block or concrete from construction and demolition activities.

How much does a truckload of dirt cost?

How Much Is a Truckload of Dirt? Expect to pay between $150 and $450 for a truckload of fill dirt, including delivery. One truck will typically hold 10 to 13 cubic yards of material.

How much does fill cost?

Cost of Fill Dirt, Sand & Topsoil Delivery

Material Cost Per Cubic Yard
Fill Dirt $5 – $25
Screened Loam $18 – $26
Sand $15 – $50
Compost $20 – $50

What is not clean fill?

Non-Clean fill is the precisely the opposite of Clean fill in terms of hazardous nature. Non-Clean Fill materials cannot be reused or recycled in other construction projects and are insoluble in water. Non-Clean Fill materials include: • Plastics. • Metals.

How do I get rid of clean fill?

Dirt can be dumped safely at the following locations:

  1. A nearby landfill or transfer station.
  2. C&D recycling centers.
  3. Clean fill dump sites.
  4. Landscape or building suppliers that accept dirt.

What can I use as clean fill?

Clean fill includes soil, rock, stone, dredged material, used asphalt and brick, block or concrete from construction and demolition activities that is separate from other waste and recognizable as such.

What is the best type of fill dirt?

Fill dirt with more than a 50 percent sand content is considered perfect for filling areas intended for plants. Topsoil needs to be added to provide nutrients for plants but not for drainage purposes; 6 to 12 inches of topsoil is sufficient.

How much does 20 yards of dirt cost?

Cost to Deliver Landscaping Fill

Material Cost per Cubic Yard Delivery
Dirt $5 – $15 $150 for 10 – 13 cubic yards
Sand $15 – $20 $50 – $150
Mulch $15 – $65 $150 for 10-13 cubic yards
Rock $20 – $120 $20 – $120 per cubic yard

How much should I pay for fill dirt?


SOILS “Prices can change without notice” Per Tonne ½ Ton
Fill Soil $22.00 $16.00
Top Soil (not for top dressing) $58.00 $30.00
Top Dressing $68.00 $35.00
Plainter Box Mix $70.00 $41.00

Where can I get free fill in Brisbane?

Clean fill required at Capalaba/Birkdale (compactable) 500m3 required, dumpsite is suitable for up to 12m tipper trucks .no rubbish or concrete. Phone John Free fill, bring your trailer, ute or truck and I will load.

Where to get clean fill in Brisbane region?

Brisbane Valley Hwy, Pine Mountain 4306 Truck loads of clean fill wanted. Highway access. No builders waste please! Must be clean. Clay is fine. Topsoil better. PLEASE RING MOBILE FOR DETAILS. At least 2 tipper truck loads of clean fill required for acreage home in Wongawallan 4210 (near Upper Coomera).

Where can I get free fill at Guanaba?

Free clean fill wanted at Guanaba,has to be clean fill,no concrete,bricks,builders rubbish,must ring me before for gate access to dump ,Cameron , thanks Wanted: Free Filll wanted – happy to pay at right price !!

Where can I clean fill cbr10 in Cairns?

Clean fill cbr10 available – please call for details. CAIRNS & surrounds… GOLD COAST & surrounds… Surplus to road works needs. Site inspection would be required & require Council permits to in place if quantity >100m3. Will be no payments involved. Interested in locations from Nerang to Numinbah