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Where can I watch season 13 of ER?

Where can I watch season 13 of ER?

Currently you are able to watch “ER – Season 13” streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video.

Where can I watch ER all seasons?

Prepare to scrub in for the longest binge of your life. Hulu has acquired the rights to ER, marking the first time the iconic NBC medical drama has been available on a streaming service. All 15 seasons — 331 episodes total — are now available to watch.

Does Amazon Prime have ER?

Watch ER Season 1 | Prime Video.

What happened to Curtis Ames?

Curtis Ames (Forest Whitaker), a carpenter who suffered a stroke while under Kovač’s care for pneumonia, sues him for malpractice.

Who was on ER the longest?

Noah Wyle. Wyle played Dr. John Carter, starring in 254 episodes throughout the show’s 15 seasons, which is the most of any actor on ER.

Can you watch ER on Hulu?

It’s finally streaming for your binging pleasure on Hulu. “It was such an honor to be a part of this show,” Clooney recently said in a statement about Hulu’s new addition.

Is Judging Amy streaming anywhere?

This title is currently not available to stream on digital platforms.

When does season 13 of ER come out?

The thirteenth season of the American fictional drama television series ER first aired on September 21, 2006 and concluded on May 17, 2007. It consists of 23 episodes.

Who is the new paramedic on ER Season 13?

Morris is disenchanted as a pharmaceutical representative and wants, and finally gets, the open ER attending slot, with Pratt’s help. Paramedic Tony Gates returns and offers emotional support to a still grieving Neela, and it is revealed that he is becoming a new intern at the hospital.

What happens at the end of the ER episode?

At the end of the episode, Abby (for the first time) invites her mother to visit them again as she tends to her infant son. Pratt’s excitement at becoming an attending is cut short when he has to teach the new interns and supervise the residents.

Who was demoted in Season 13 of ER?

Meanwhile, Sam fears the prospect of criminal charges; Neela discovers that Tony Gates will be joining the ER team as an intern and Morris gets his job back while Weaver gets demoted. Error: please try again.