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Where do you find Amita at the end of Far Cry 4?

Where do you find Amita at the end of Far Cry 4?

Trivia. If the player sides with Sabal but decides not to kill Amita, after the end of the game, Amita can be found at the Sherpa Yak Enclosure on the top of the mountain north of Banapur, but cannot be interacted with, and is treated by the game as simply a regular civilian NPC.

Should I kill or spare Amita?

Do not be deceived by their uniforms – the soldiers of the Golden Path attack you as soon as they spot you. After a short exchange of fire, you can decide Amita’s fate – either kill her or let her go. In both cases, your choice will have no effect on the future events and you will never see Amita again, anyways.

What happens if you spare Amita?

If Ajay decides to shoot Amita, she picks up the folder before slumping on the chair and succumbing to the wound. Sabal’s sole opposition is now gone. If Ajay decides to spare Amita, she picks up the folder and walks away in anger, telling Ajay that while he is sparing her, he is killing Kyrat.

What happens if you don’t kill Sabal?

If the player decides to shoot Sabal, Ajay shoots Sabal in the head. If the player decides not to shoot Sabal, Ajay tells him to go. Sabal takes his Kukri and drops it on the ground, telling Ajay “Gone, brother, gone.”

Does Ajay Ghale speak?

Not that Ajay is completely silent; he does offer some commentary on the events unfolding around him, and the odd expletive when the bullets inevitably begin singing over his head.

What happens at the end of Far Cry 4?

In Far Cry 4, your choices influence not only the gameplay but also the game ending. You can either support Amita or Sabal, whom you can later meet in bad circumstances, after the plot ends. The decision that you make during the last (or the first) mission influences only the ending.

What did Amita say to Sabal in Far Cry 4?

Amita does not agree with Sabal’s choice to risk their lives to go after Ajay. Amita then questions about Darpan and Sabal tells her that he is dead. Amita becomes enraged and shouts at Sabal, stating that they lost one of their best soldiers in order to save Ajay, who they barely knew.

Who are the deuteragonists in Far Cry 4?

” Amita is one of the deuteragonists of Far Cry 4. Along with Sabal, she is one of the leaders of the Golden Path. Unlike Sabal, who is more rooted in the past traditions of Kyrat, Amita urges for progress and is more interested in modernizing the country.

Who is in charge of Golden Path in Far Cry 4?

Shoot Pagan before he can escape on the chopper. After the credits, there are still a few Far Cry 4 story moments to see. These will occur after the ending and in the open world. If you chose to kill Amita, Sabal will now be in charge of the Golden Path.