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Where is KIRO Radio located?

Where is KIRO Radio located?

Seattle, Washington
KIRO (710 kHz “710 ESPN Seattle”) is a commercial AM radio station in Seattle, Washington, owned by Bonneville International. The station airs a sports radio format and is an ESPN Radio Network affiliate. The station’s studios and offices are located on Eastlake Avenue in Seattle’s Eastlake district.

How do I email KIRO Radio?

  1. KIRO Radio 97.3 FM: (888) 973-5476. 710 ESPN Seattle: (866) 979-3776.
  2. Website issues, comments. Email: [email protected].
  3. Digital Content Manager. Stephanie Klein.
  4. Advertising Inquiries.
  5. 97.3 KIRO Listener Call in or Text Line.
  6. 97.3 KIRO Newsroom.
  7. 97.3 KIRO Program Director.
  8. 97.3 KIRO Feedback.

What is the text number for KIRO Radio?

Back by popular request via the KIRO Radio 97.3 FM text line (98973), an update on Dave Ross’s beard!

How do I listen to KIRO Radio?

You can now listen to 97.3 KIRO FM on any phone. Just dial (712) 432-5332.

How do I contact KIRO?

To submit a news tip by email, send a message to [email protected]. You can send text, photos and video – and please include your name and a phone number where we can call you back. To call in a news tip in person, call 206-728-8308.

What happened to KIRO Radio?

KIRO (AM) is now a sports talk station, branded as “710 ESPN Seattle.”

What happened to KIRO radio?

What radio station are the Mariners on?

710 ESPN Seattle
Mariners Radio Network The Mariners broadcast all games throughout the Pacific Northwest on flagship station 710 ESPN Seattle and on affiliates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia.

Is KIRO Radio conservative?

KIRO-FM broadcasts in the HD (digital) radio format….KIRO-FM.

Branding KIRO Radio 97.3 FM (“KIRO” pronounced as “Cairo”)
Format FM/HD1: News/Talk HD2: Sports (KIRO simulcast) HD3: Conservative talk (KTTH simulcast)
Affiliations CBS Radio News Premiere Networks KIRO-TV Seattle Seahawks Radio Network.

How to contact the 97.3 KIRO newsroom?

97.3 KIRO Listener Call in Line (888) 973-KIRO (5476) 97.3 KIRO Newsroom (206) 726-KIRO (5476)

How long has KIRO radio been in Seattle?

With More Than 100 Hours Of Live And Local Programming Each Week, KIRO Radio Has Kept Listeners Of The Puget Sound Region Informed And Entertained For Nearly A Century. Powered By The Pacific Northwest, KIRO Radio Is Seattle’s Leading Outlet For News And Talk.

Where does the KIRO radio show take place?

KIRO Nights covers the world, but knows that your world starts in Western Washington. The search for new ideas, technologies, and voices make for a refreshing and comprehensive wrap to the day’s news. The news through Ross-colored glasses.

Who is Dori Monson on KIRO radio Seattle?

Seattle’s watchdog Dori Monson holds government accountable, lampoons the “Seattle Process”, and keeps tabs on how your tax dollars get spent. Increasingly rare on Seattle radio, you’ll also hear exclusive long-form interviews with Northwest icons… Opposites attract.