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Where is Naughty Dog Company located?

Where is Naughty Dog Company located?

Santa Monica
Naughty Dog is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment located in Santa Monica, California.

Where is Santa Monica studio?

Los Angeles
Santa Monica Studio is an American video game developer based in Los Angeles.

What are the requirements to work at Naughty Dog?

Minimum of 3 years working in the video game industry. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience. Strong math skills with emphasis on 3D math. Strong knowledge of C and C++ programming languages.

Is Naughty Dog the best developer?

Naughty Dog is widely considered to be one of the best game development studios in the industry, having released titles like the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy, the Jak and Daxter trilogy, the Uncharted tetralogy, and The Last of Us, which is getting a sequel in a couple of months after several delays.

How much is Santa Monica Studios worth?

Santa Monica Studio’s estimated annual revenue is currently $95.3M per year. (?)

Who develops god of war?

Santa Monica Studio
God of War is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

Was TLOU2 a success?

Having reached the four million-milestone, in terms of launch success, TLOU2 sits at the top. And as it stands, The Last of Us Part II exceeds the sales for the same period, of both God of War, which sold over 3 million throughout the first three days, and Sony’s smash-hit Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Who owns the God of War IP?

God of War (franchise)

God of War
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony Pictures Digital
Creator(s) David Jaffe
Artist(s) Charlie Wen
Writer(s) Marianne Krawczyk

How much did God of War make ps4?

God of War(2018) generated $500 million in revenue. Digital sales of 10M+ units with a 40% digital split.