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Where is Othello from originally?

Where is Othello from originally?

Although Othello is a Moor, and although we often assume he is from Africa, he never names his birthplace in the play. In Shakespeare’s time, Moors could be from Africa, but they could also be from the Middle East, or even Spain. American actor John Edward McCullough as Othello in 1878.

Is Desdemona Othello’s daughter?

Desdemona, fictional character, the wife of Othello and the object of his unwarranted jealousy, in William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Othello (written 1603–04). The daughter of a Venetian senator, Desdemona is greatly loved by Othello, an honoured and heroic Moorish general in the service of Venice.

Is Desdemona in Othello white?

Desdemona is a beautiful, young, white, Venetian debutante. And she’s a total Daddy’s girl… until she falls head over heels in love with Othello. She refuses to marry any of the rich, handsome Venetian men that everyone expects her to marry.

Is Othello a hero?

Othello, despite coming from a rough past, is an honorable war hero and the general of the Venetian army. Along with his social stature, Othello also has a noble heart. Although he is sometimes portrayed as violent, Othello’s loving nature can be seen in instances such as when he speaks about Desdemona.

Why is Othello called a domestic tragedy?

Othello is a fine domestic tragedy. Some critics have regarded Othello as a domestic tragedy because it deals with the domestic life of Othello and Desdemona and shows how it fell into ruin by the plot of a villain, lago. logo through his plot makes Othello jealous of Cassio and suspicious of Desdemona.

Is Desdemona innocent?

Desdemona is innocent because she never did the things that she is accused of doing. Specifically, she never cheated on Othello. Specifically, she eloped with Othello against her father’s wishes. However, she was never unfaithful to Othello and therefore, she is innocent.

Why did Desdemona decide to marry Othello?

Desdemona marries Othello because she is intrigued by his adventurous past as a soldier who has been to exotic lands. She overhears his stories about his exploits in foreign lands and later asks him to tell these to her in person.

What is Desdemona’s tragic flaw?

Desdemona expresses her undying love for Othello by explaining to Emilia that she took her own life away. She cannot believe that Othello would kill her because her love blinds her. Therefore, love is Desdemona’s tragic flaw. Emilia contains the tragic flaw of loyalty.

Why does Iago say that he loves Desdemona?

Iago tells Othello he loves him at moments when he is whispering the cruelest words into his ear. Iago even says he loves Desdemona, meaning he could feel some sexual desire for her. Therefore, Iago cannot say “love” honestly because for Iago, love is control.

Is Desdemona a tragic hero?

Desdemona is a tragic heroine because her suffering is not proportional to her mistakes, she is overcome by forces she cannot control, and she is sacrificed for the benefit of others. Desdemona, like most tragic heroes, endures suffering that is greatly out of proportion to her mistakes.