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Where is the widest high street in Britain?

Where is the widest high street in Britain?

Widest High Street in England… – Marlborough High Street

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How wide is Stockton-on-Tees high street?

70 metres wide
A mixed used central area, the Conservation Area is characterised by its wide central High Street nearly a kilometre long and up to 70 metres wide, and reputed to be the widest in England. Stockton is most famous for its contribution to the world of railways, being the site of the famous first ever passenger railway.

What is the widest high street in Europe?

Stockton on Tees has the widest high street in England.

Is Stockton-on-Tees a good place to live?

Stockton has recently been voted the 6th best place to live in the whole of the UK, there were many factors like home ownership rates, crime, health, affordability and economic activity taken into account to place Stockton as one of the best places to live. Overall Stockton-on-tees is a great place to live.

What day is the Market in Marlborough?

Wiltshire’s markets are an integral part of the local community and provide an assortment of goods, from antiques, carpets and clothing to fresh fruit and vegetables….Saturday.

Location Time
Marlborough High Street 9am – 4pm

What is Stockton-on-Tees famous for?

Stockton is famous as the home of the friction match and the Stockton and Darlington Railway, which operated the world’s first steam-hauled passenger train in 1825. The town also has the world’s oldest passenger railway station building.

Is Stockton bigger than Middlesbrough?

The combined size of the borough equates to approx 180,000 people and makes it larger than Middlesbrough in terms of population and area.

What is the busiest shopping street in the world?

Oxford Street is a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London, running from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch via Oxford Circus. It is Europe’s busiest shopping street, with around half a million daily visitors, and as of 2012 had approximately 300 shops….Oxford Street.


Is Marlborough a friendly place to live?

Marlborough (population 8,395, 2011 census) is situated in Wiltshire — one of England’s most sparsely populated counties. But we’re not talking splendid isolation here, far from it! Marlborough is a very acceptable place to live, no matter whether it’s your main home, or second home and for any and every age group.

Where is Stockton on Tees located in England?

The town’s extreme northern and western areas are located on slightly higher ground than the town center, which is located directly on the north bank of the Tees. These offer views of the town with its relatively mid-rise center and the surrounding Tees Valley area. It is the most northern large town within England.

Which is the broadest High Street in England?

Stockton-on-Tees has the broadest High Street in England which runs from north to south with the River Tees just to the east. At the centre of the High Street is the old Town House or ‘Town Hall’ dating from 1735 with additions of 1744.

Why was Stockton on Tees lit by gas?

The discovery of iron ore in the Eston Hills resulted in blast furnaces lining the River Tees from Stockton to the river’s mouth. In 1820 an Act set up the Commissioners, a body with responsibility for lighting and cleaning the streets. From 1822 Stockton-on-Tees was lit by gas.

What to do with the High Street in Stockton?

But, while some towns scramble to convert empty department stores into flats, or fill vacant shops with community pop-ups and urban farms, Stockton Council has come up with an altogether bolder proposition for the post-retail age. It plans to demolish half the high street and replace it with a park.