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Which are the best seats at Camp Nou?

Which are the best seats at Camp Nou?

The Premium category offers some of the best views of the stadium. The seats are Located on the 1st 2 levels of both the lateral and presidential stand, by the center of the pitch, this category brings you closer to the benches’ sideline. these are definitely some of the best seats at the Camp Nou.

How are Camp Nou seats numbered?

The numbers are on the side of the seat of each row and follow a consecutive order from the lowest to the highest. Seat (SEIENT): the number is indicated on the seat itself. Note that the seat numbers are odd and even.

What is the average attendance of Camp Nou?

In the 2019/2020 season, matches in Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium attracted an average of approximately 46 thousand spectators, only behind FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou, with 53.4 thousand spectators on average.

Who plays at Camp Nou?

FC Barcelona
Catalonia national football team
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How many fans can Camp Nou hold?

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Why is FC Barcelona red and blue?

The colours of FC Barcelona are blue and garnet (deep red). They have been chosen at the club’s conception and have remained true throughout the years. It is from these colours that the club receives its famous nickname – Blaugrana (“blau” means blue in Catalan and “grana” means garnet).

What football team has the highest attendance?

Borussia Dortmund
Europe’s highest attendances

Club Avg. attendance
1 (1) Borussia Dortmund 80,520
2 (2) Manchester United 75,530
3 (4) FC Barcelona 71,235
4 (5) Bayern München 71,000

What team has the highest average attendance?

During the 2018 regular season, the Dallas Cowboys had the highest average home attendance in the league, with an average of over 91,000 fans watching each home game.

Why does Camp Nou have no roof?

At present, only the main stand at the Camp Nou is covered by a roof, as has been the case since its construction. Current renovation work on the venue will add a roof that covers the whole ground. Plans were unveiled in 2015 to modernise the Camp Nou and add a roof that would cover the entire stadium.

Is there a seat chart for Camp Nou?

Camp Nou Seating Maps. SeatGeek is known for its best-in-class interactive maps that make finding the perfect seat simple. Our “View from Seat” previews allow fans to see what their view at Camp Nou will look like before making a purchase, which takes the guesswork out of buying tickets.

What is the VIP experience at Camp Nou?

The VIP Experience also includes VIP catering and hospitality : VIP Players Zone VIP Silver Gol VIP Silver Lateral Executive boxes Advice for people with reduced mobility The Camp Nou has very limited space in the area dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

Where are the Gol categories at Camp Nou?

The Gol 3 category is located behind each goal, on the 3rd balcony. This category is ideal for groups and families with a budget for a great and affordable football experience at Camp Nou. Gol 1-2 Shortside, level 1 and 2. The Gol 1-2 category is located on the levels 1 and 2 behind each goal at Camp Nou.