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Which is the best Cyclocross event in the UK?

Which is the best Cyclocross event in the UK?

Pro rider Evie Richards and her coach, ex-British national ‘cross champion Liam Killeen, are behind the event, which has a specially designed course packed with testing features such as mud, climbs, runs, woods, jumps and descents on the edge of the Malvern Hills. 2. Battle of the Bowl What?

When do the National Cyclo cross Championships take place?

Also contested today were the junior titles, which saw victories for Millie Couzens and Rory McGuire. The championships will take place over the weekend of January 9 and 10, following the five-date 2020 HSBC UK | National Cyclo-cross Trophy series.

Which is the toughest cyclo-cross race in the world?

The toughest cyclo-cross event in the calendar will be entering its 58th year in 2020, and is definitely a bucket list race for those who take their CX seriously. While its distance (a mere 38 miles) might sound like a straightforward Sunday stroll, that’s before you look at the terrain.

What kind of bike is a cyclocross bike?

Cyclocross is an odd sport. It’s something of a mixture between road cycling and mountain biking, and the bikes themselves are a hybrid mix of both. Rugged enough to be ridden off-road, yet borrowing many features from their tarmac-going cousins, they’re fast, tough, and a blast to ride.

When is the north west cyclocross Association championship?

9th-10th October: NWCCA National Trophy Westmorland 23rd-24th October: National Trophy Falkirk 20th-21st November: National Trophy Sunderland 3rd-5th December: World Masters CX Ipswich / possible Northern Champs 11th-12th December: National Trophy Gravesend

When does the cyclo-cross season start again?

Sorry, the cyclo-cross season has now ended however there’s usually plenty of events taking place through spring and summer. The season will start again in September. Here’s a comprehensive list of national cyclo-cross champions and podiums going all the way back to Alan Jackson’s first win at Welwyn Garden City in 1955.

How long is a cyclo cross bike race?

Cyclo-cross – or CX to aficionados – tends to have courses of about 1 mile, and there are often sections where you have to dismount and carry your bike over an obstacle or difficult terrain.