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Who are the actors in the movie The Getaway?

Who are the actors in the movie The Getaway?

The Getaway is a 1994 American action thriller film directed by Roger Donaldson. The screenplay was written by Walter Hill and Amy Holden Jones, based on Jim Thompson ’s 1958 novel of the same name. The film stars Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, with Michael Madsen, James Woods, and Jennifer Tilly in supporting roles.

Who was the veterinarian in the movie The Getaway?

A wounded Rudy drives to a local clinic, where he holds veterinarian Harold and his wife Fran hostage, forces them to treat his wounds and drive him to El Paso. An attraction develops between Rudy and Fran and they taunt her meek husband.

Where was The Getaway 1994 movie filmed?

The film was shot in Yuma, Phoenix, and The Apache Lodge in Prescott, Arizona. The location portrayed as the Border Hotel in El Paso is the Hotel Del Sol (formerly Hotel Del Ming) in Yuma. It was filmed in the spring of 1993 and was originally set to be released in December of that year.

What happens at the motel in the getaway?

An attraction develops between Rudy and Fran and they taunt her meek husband. At a motel, Rudy has sex with Fran after tying Harold to a chair. Hearing his wife’s moans and her laughter at him, a heart-broken Harold commits suicide by hanging himself.

Cast overview, first billed only: Alec Baldwin Carter ‘Doc’ McCoy Kim Basinger Carol McCoy Michael Madsen Rudy Travis James Woods Jack Benyon David Morse Jim Deer Jackson

Who is the thief in the movie The Getaway?

Alec Baldwin plays Doc McCoy, a professional thief in demand. When a Mexican drug dealer is being transferred from a New York prison to a more secure one, Doc comes up with a brilliant, simple plan to spring him.

Where did the movie The Getaway take place?

This is a remake of the original Steve McQueen movie. It is redone with more of a modern and realistic touch, taking place with the robbery of a Dog Track in Phoenix. Much of the filming was done in Arizona locations, primarily in the City of Prescott, my home town, so I recognize most of the places.

What was the error code for the movie The Getaway?

(Error Code: 102630) An ex-con and his devoted wife must flee from danger when a heist doesn’t go as planned. Our list of the best new movies and shows releasing in July includes Black Widow, ” Ted Lasso ” Season 2, and The Green Knight.