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Who are the villains in Skylanders Trap Team?

Who are the villains in Skylanders Trap Team?

The Villains are a group of most wanted evil creatures in Skylands in Skylanders: Trap Team. They were originally kept behind bars in the Cloudcracker Prison until Kaos freed them to build his own army. Using magical Traps, Portal Masters are able to recapture these villains and use them to fight for good.

What happens when you defeat a villain in Skylanders?

When a villain is defeated, they release a wave of energy that wipes out other nearby enemies that were summoned by the villain. If the player doesn’t have the elemental trap that is needed to trap the villain, the player can simply not trap the villain and they will be taken to the Villain Vault instead where they can be switched in or out later.

Are there health bars for villains in Skylanders?

Villains do not have health bars, only these timer bars. This gauge does not have to be completely filled before using a Villain, but if it is completely emptied when a Villain is in battle, they will return to their Traptanium trap. Every Villain has three basic attacks and cannot learn any more.

Are there any villains in Skylanders SuperChargers?

Most villains do appear in Skylanders: SuperChargers, however, traps no longer allow the player to play as villains (now done through Trophies ), but instead provide ammo and unlock Skystones in Skystones Overdrive. Originally, villains were going to have health bars when trapped.

Where do you send captured villains in Skylanders?

If you find a new Villain that can be captured in one of your filled traps, you can still trap it and choose to send the other Villain to the Villain Vault. The Villain Vault is located at the Skylanders Academy. You will visit the Academy between Chapters. Interact with the Vault to switch the captured Villains between your Traptanium traps.