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Who bought Brake Parts Inc?

Who bought Brake Parts Inc?

First Brands Group
Cleveland, OHIO., July 31, 2020 – First Brands Group, a global automotive parts manufacturer, has acquired Brake Parts Inc., which manufactures and markets brake products including the full line of Raybestos® branded brake parts, and Champion Laboratories Inc., a full-line filtration manufacturer with LuberFiner® as a …

Who owns Raybestos?

Brake Parts Inc LLC
Raybestos/Parent organizations

Who bought BPI?

Torque Capital Group
Following the spin-off of the business to shareholders in November 2012 by parent company Affinia Group, BPI announced today it has been acquired by a group of investors led by Torque Capital Group, a New York-based private equity firm. The company is being led by President and CEO David Overbeeke (pictured).

Where is Raybestos located?


Type Private
Headquarters McHenry, Illinois , United States
Products Brakes
Parent Brake Parts Inc

What brands own first?

First Brands Group is a global automotive parts company that develops, markets and sells premium products through a portfolio of nine market-leading brands: Raybestos complete brake solutions, Centric Parts replacement brake components, FRAM filtration products, LuberFiner filtration products, TRICO wiper blades, ANCO …

What company owns Trico?

Premium brands of TRICO Group include TRICO wipers, Carter fuel pumps, ANCO wipers, Airtex fuel pumps, StrongArm lift supports, Autolite spark plugs and FRAM filters.

Is Raybestos Made in USA?

The “domestic” brands you may be familiar with (Raybestos,Wagner, Bendix, Centric, Motorcraft, Delco) are all manufactured in China/Taiwan. The plants and foundries that used to manufacture for aftermarket in the US and Canada have discontinued production.

Do Raybestos Brakes contain asbestos?

Raybestos manufactured the following asbestos-containing products: Brakes. Brake pads. Brake linings.

Are Raybestos rotors any good?

They are coated in corrosion preventing material and are designed to provide smooth and quiet braking performance. Raybestos says these rotors are well-suited for fleet vehicles as they are offered for trucks and SUVs, will last quite a long time and aren’t expensive to replace.

Who is the owner of First Brands Group?

Crowne Group, LLC
First Brands Group, LLC/Parent organizations

Is Trico still in business?

After 87 years, production at Trico Products Corp. in Buffalo has come to an end. Manufacturing ceased in February and equipment was removed from the plant at 50 Thielman Drive in early March.