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Who did Krakauer interview Walt McCandless?

Who did Krakauer interview Walt McCandless?

Summary: Chapter 3. In a tiny South Dakota town called Carthage, Wayne Westerberg describes Chris McCandless to Jon Krakauer, who the reader knows has come to interview him about McCandless. Krakauer relates that Westerberg, then overseeing a barley harvest in Montana, picked up McCandless while he was hitchhiking.

How did Jon Krakauer know Chris McCandless?

Krakauer knew McCandless followed a snowmachine trail to the bus that would have looked the same as the snowmachine trail branching south to the cabins just before reaching the bus. Krakauer wrote an introduction for the McCandless’ family book.

What was Chapter 11 about in into the wild?

Through Chapter 11, Jon Krakauer fleshes out the real-life character, Chris McCandless through insights offered by his family and friends from his youth. We learn that his father was previously married with five kids, remarried with Chris’s mother, and move to D.C. to work for NASA.

Why was Krakauer intrigued by McCandless?

Both had Fathers that wanted their sons to excel professionally, while young Krakauer and McCandless sought to make their own paths. Being an outdoorsman, Jon Krakauer felt intrigued enough by Christopher McCandless, to retrace his steps into the wild, and to try to bring some closure to the boy’s family.

Why did Chris quit the band?

I remember an article in Musician magazine at the time where Paul had told the magazine that Chris was fired from the band, so they called up Chris, who in no uncertain terms told the magazine that he quit the band because “Paul & Tommy’s heads had gotten too big to fit through the door”.

Why was McCandless not suicidal?

Chris McCandless was not suicidal. Chris McCandless was a simple person, who denied societal norms, wanted more from life, and had his own idea of what society should be. The society he lived in did not provide him with this, so he left and created his own society full of adventure and what he wanted.

Why did Chris quit playing the French-horn?

Why did he quit playing the french horn in high school? Mainly, it was because his sister was better than him. Chris tried a lot of sports and was good at them all.

Where does Jon Krakauer interview Walt McCandless?

Jon Krakauer interviews Walt McCandless at home after his son’s body is recovered from the abandoned bus. Walt wonders how ” . . . a kid with so much compassion could cause his parents so much pain.”

What did Walt McCandless do after he left NASA?

After the birth of their second child, Carine, the McCandless family moves to Virginia, so Walt can begin working for NASA. A few years later, he leaves that position and he and Billie begin a consulting firm that eventually becomes successful and provides for the comfortable life Chris enjoyed.

When did Jon Krakauer write into the wild?

A pre-eminent journalist of the American outdoors, Krakauer first published an extremely popular article about McCandless in the magazine Outside in 1993, after seeing a write-up of his death in The New York Times.

How big was Chris McCandless in into the wild?

Carine McCandless recalls, “There was always a little wanderlust in the family, and it was clear early on that Chris had inherited it.” Though small, Chris was strong for his size and well-coordinated. He had trouble following rules.