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Who does Akira end up with in Togainu no chi?

Who does Akira end up with in Togainu no chi?

Five years later, Akira and Rin are finally reunited. Rin lost his leg, but he defeated Shiki and took his katana as proof.

Is Togainu no Chi NSFW?

NSFW/18+ [Visual Novel/BL (Yaoi)] Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~ – R18+ Edition (JAST Blue)

Is Togainu no chi on Crunchyroll?

Togainu no Chi (True Blood) Yaoi Game Trailer – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Where can I watch Togainu no chi?


  • 9Anime.
  • Gourmet. Suspense.
  • Is there an anime version of Togainu no Chi?

    Learn more about the original game. The anime version of Togainu no chi, which began airing on October 7, 2010. The main manga adaptation. It is written and illustrated by Chayamachi Suguro. Togainu no Chi ( 咎狗の血, lit. Blood of the Reprimanded Dog) is a Japanese BL visual novel developed by Nitro+CHiRAL.

    What happens to Akira in Togainu no Chi?

    However, Togainu no Chi has managed to have almost nothing redeeming whatsoever.Professional competitor in a street fighting tournament known as Bl@ster, Akira is spending a usual day when there is a rapping, a tapping upon his chamber door. He soon finds himself pinned to the ground with accusations of murder brought upon him.

    Who is the red haired guy in Togainu no Chi?

    A red-haired man in his 20s and new character added to “Togainu no Chi: True Blood”, the Playstation 2 version of the game. He is a former Bl@ster participant (from AREA: RUDE) who is currently participating in Igura as a member of Touya’s team.

    What does Motomi do in Togainu no Chi?

    Motomi is an information broker. He isn’t a player in Igura. Instead he collects and sells information. Rin takes Akira and Keisuke to meet him and from then on Motomi helps them throughout with his intelligence and information. Overall, the characters are moderately developed.