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Who is Kamito in love with?

Who is Kamito in love with?

Restia is the most important to Kamito she is the one that gave him a heart. Both Kamito and Restia highest amount of love. He specifically went to the academy in the first place to get her back.

Who did Kamito end up with?

At the end of the anime only one living person besides Kamito knows that he is Ren Ashbell, and that’s the princess Fianna Ray Ordesia.

Why did restia leave Kamito?

Restia met Kamito at the Instructional School. To further improve his skills, she became his mentor, teaching him combat and various of things about the world. Her spirit contract with Kamito was also partially severed so she couldn’t return to the spirit world and he couldn’t use her as a partner.

Is Kamito kazehaya a spirit?

Kamito Kazehaya (カゼハヤ・カミト) His Spirit is Terminus Est. His past Spirit was the Darkness Spirit Restia. He was trained at the Instructional School, and was disguised as the Strongest Blade Dancer Ren Ashbell in the past. Inside of him, he has the power of the Demon King, Ren Ashdoll.

Why does Kamito wear a glove?

By the time he became Ren Ashbell, his hair had grown long after escaping the Instructional School. In the present time, he has shorter hair and often wears a black leather glove over his left hand to disguise Restia’s spirit seal.

Who is the strongest blade dancer?

Kamito. First of all, he won the Blade Dance when he was thirteen. There is a reason “Ren Ashbell” is called the Strongest Blade Dancer.

What rank is Kamito in Apex?

He has been streaming for 8 years and counting. He reached Apex Predator rank solo in Ranked seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Is Kamito the Demon Lord?

Kazehaya Kamito seems to be the successor of the «Demon King» because he is the second known male elementalist in history. He is based on King Solomon, and his legends for controlling demons. According to legend, «Scorpia», the demon scorpion palace in Alphas Theocracy, used to be his residence.

Who is the strongest in Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance?

Ren Ashbell
There are only a few characters who know about Kamito’s secret identity as the Strongest Blade Dancer, Ren Ashbell.

Will there be a season 2 of Blade Dance of the Elementalers?

The season 1 was released in 2014, since then there has been absolutely no news regarding the second season of the anime. The poor performance of the first season has been the main reason behind the absence of the news regarding season 2.

How old is Kamito?

This also means Kamito can’t summon her with the Spirit Seal on his hand as summoning only works if the spirit is in Astral Zero. She has long, white hair, blue eyes, and in human form looks to be about 12-13 years old.

How old is Kuzuha?

Older Than They Look: He’s actually over a hundred years old, despite his appearance. Only Known by Their Nickname: Officially, “Kuzuha” is actually a pseudonym he adopted after coming to the human world.

What kind of personality does Kamito Kazehaya have?

Est is the second spirit Kamito has ever contracted with. Initially he contracted with her in order to save Claire from her but he later accepts her. She has a somewhat emotionless kind of personality.

How did Kamito Kazehaya and Seirei meet?

Initially, Kamito did not recognize her when they met again but after she gave him some hint like putting her hair like the day they met he realized her identity, he was shocked that she was the same girl he saved. Kamito was also alright with her attempted blackmail since he has to put up with the other girls’ actions.

Who is Kazehaya in Kimi ni Todoke?

He is also shown to be dedicated to Sawako, as he rejected Kurumi when she confessed her feelings to him, admitting he was truly in love with someone, which was Sawako. His relationship with Sawako is one of the main forces that drives the series.

Who was Kamito Kazehaya forced to crossdress as?

During the Elemental Festa, Greyworth forced him to crossdress first as the Legendary Idol Priestess, Himeragi E. Arsage. He was forced to join an edition of Elemental Festa, as he can calm the rage inside the Elemental Lords.