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Who is Patelco owned by?

Who is Patelco owned by?

Patelco Credit Union is a member owned, not-for-profit credit union that serves Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area….Patelco Credit Union.

Type Credit union
Total assets US$ 8 billion (2021)
Number of employees 594

Where can I deposit cash Patelco?

To deposit cash, please visit your nearest Patelco branch or ATM. Additionally, many CO-OP Shared Branch Network locations accept cash deposits to Patelco accounts, in addition to offering other services like withdrawals, transfers, cashier’s checks, and more.

What do you need to open a Patelco account?

To join us, you’ll need:

  1. Social Security number (or other acceptable government-issued document showing your Tax Identification Number)
  2. Driver’s license or government ID.
  3. Current home address.
  4. Credit card or external bank account to fund your new account (only for accounts opened online)

Where is Patelco Credit Union located?

Santa Cruz
(800) 358-8228 main. (888) 766-2424 Call-24 banking. Cash, check, credit card, Other. Patelco is a credit union located in Santa Cruz with branches throughout Northern California.

Who is the CEO of Patelco?

Erin Mendez (Aug 2013–)
Patelco Credit Union/CEO

How much can you withdraw from Patelco ATM?

If you open your account in a Patelco branch, we can instantly issue your card. What’s the daily limit I can withdraw from an ATM? The ATM withdrawal limit per day is $500.

Does Patelco have Zelle?

Zelle® is available for free in Patelco Online™ and the Patelco Mobile App. Sign up for Patelco Online™ if you haven’t already or download the Patelco Mobile App (available on the App store or the Google Play store) to make it easy to send or receive money on the go with Zelle®.

How much can you withdraw from patelco ATM?

Is patelco nationwide?

Patelco Credit Union Offers Nationwide Account Access and Financial Education to More than 300,000 Members. While banks and credit unions were once simply places where you stored your money and took out an occasional loan, those roles have since evolved.