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Who is the Godsmack girl?

Who is the Godsmack girl?

Toni Tiller
Remember the girl from the Godsmack album cover? Her name is Toni Tiller and this is what she looks like 20 years later.

What does the word Godsmack mean?

godsmack. It meant to awaken or arouse, an American rock band. Submitted by anonymous on September 4, 2019.

Who is the girl on the first Godsmack album cover?

Toni Tiller is the model in the photo which was taken in 1994 in NYC. The photographer ended up working with Godsmack which is how the photo came to be on their debut album cover.

Who is the girl in the Godsmack Voodoo video?

The video features Laurie Cabot and members of her coven at that time. The idea of zombies came from the original inspiration of the song. At the House of Blues, vocalist Sully Erna stated that this inspiration was the film The Serpent and the Rainbow.

What is Godsmack biggest hit?

I Stand Alone’
‘I Stand Alone’ “I Stand Alone” tops our list of the 10 Best Godsmack songs. The hard hitting and memorable track is off the band’s 2003 album Faceless and also appeared on the soundtrack for the 2002 film The Scorpion King, which stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Who are the members of the band Godsmack?

20 years since the release of their debut album and 20 million album sales later, GODSMACK are an even stronger animal than before. The proof is in the grooves of When Legends Rise, their first album in four years. Vocals, Guitar — Sully Erna. Bass — Robbie Merrill. Lead Guitar — Tony Rombola. Drums — Shannon Larkin.

Which is the best song by Godsmack?

1 When Legends Rise 2 Bulletproof 3 Unforgettable 4 Every Part Of Me 5 Take It To The Edge 6 Under Your Scars 7 Someday 8 Just One Time 9 Say My Name 10 Let it Out 11 Eye Of The Storm

When does the new Godsmack album Come Out?

New album, When Legends Rise out April 27th. Co-headlining tour with Shinedown this summer. Tickets/VIP:

When did Godsmack do their first headlining tour?

This led to the band’s first headlining tour, “The Godsmack Tour” with Jim Rose Circus as the opening act. After the album’s release the band went on the road playing club shows as well as playing at Ozzfest and Woodstock ’99. This was followed by a tour in Europe supporting Black Sabbath.